SMS Marketing : : 

If your business is looking to generate customer loyalty and turn one-time customers into repeat customers, then SMS marketing is the ideal marketing tool for you. SMS marketing is using text messages to promote sales and brand content to your customers or potential customers. Individuals who frequent your brick-and-mortar location or online store will have the option to sign up to receive text messages from your business, similar to email marketing.

SMS marketing or text message marketing promises a 98% view rate, making SMS marketing one of the most powerful ways to create repeat customers and generate customer loyalty. The receivers of your businesses’ text messages are virtually guaranteed to see your message. SMS marketing is also a simple way to promote special events and alerts to your customers. With SMS marketing, you send content to viewers who have signed up to receive your text messages, which increases your chance of generating activity and responses from your SMS marketing endeavors.

What you can expect from our SMS marketing services : : 

–     Creative designs and marketing material.

–     Relevant promotional content.

–     Customized SMS marketing campaign.

–     Schedules and timing tailored to target audience.

–     Advertising spending that meets your budget goals.

–     Continuous communication and consultation.

–     Regular reporting and complete transparency

At Boiling Point Media we build and care for your SMS marketing campaigns from conception to execution. Not only will we work with you to create relevant content and promotional material for your SMS marketing strategy, but we will design a budget and schedule that aligns with your business goals and target audience.

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