Kate Beckinsale: Blood Wars

Resident Evil Underworld put out a new trailer today. Now it’s been a few years since my Evanescence days of black nail polish and waking up inside, but does Kate Beckinsale really bring in the box office like she sometimes did?

The point of this post and rant is really to discuss the title card. Kate Beckinsale Underworld: Blood Wars. Maybe it’s just me but I think this is an odd choice to do at the end of a trailer in 2016. I understand if it’s on a poster but in a trailer?

Now you may think, there’s nothing wrong with it. Well let’s look at some of the top trailers of 2016 and see what their titles look like in their trailers.

Looks like only one of the top grossing movies of 2016 had any names attached to the movie title. These movies have big names in them. These movies have big casts. Is it because the other movies have too many big names in it? Is it because they have a big following and they don’t need to promote their actors/actresses? This is the 5th installment in this movie franchise so if it’s an established property that doesn’t need to promote it with actors’ names, maybe we don’t need a 5th Underworld movie.

Maybe what makes it so funny it that it’s so close to the name of the movie. Then the movie title goes away and turns into the subtitle while her name stays on top of it. They must know what they’re doing but this designer thinks it’s weird looking.

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