LOGAN Official Title & Poster

Today the director for the third Wolverine, James Mangold, revealed the title and the first poster for the last Hugh Jackman X-Men movie. Rumors have been circulating for awhile that the movie will be based on the popular story-line Old Man Logan and the poster seems to suggest that even more!

Wolverine 3 is officially called Logan. Just Logan. The poster shows Logan’s hand with claws drawn as a little hand holds it. It’s probably not Deadpool’s hand but who actually knows right now! Will it be a daughter like in the comics? Will this movie be like The Road or The Last of Us like it’s been speculated? Look at those scars! Stitched up and doesn’t look entirely healed. Is his healing factor slowing down as he grows older. Is is healing factor entirely gone at this point?!

I know I’m pumped about this movie! My theory is that this child is the last mutant. I’m guessing Logan named her Jean. Yes, roll your eyes and groan but it seems like they would! Maybe Hope as a nod to Jean and Scott’s daughter in some comics? Maybe Laura? But if the end of Apocalypse‘s stinger was suppose to be the X-23 link, maybe not? My mind is racing!

Logan hits theaters March 3rd 2017 and I’ll be there opening night with my adamantium claws!