NYCC 2016 Wrap-Up

October 6th to 9 was New York Comic Con and it got me more excited than San Diego Comic Con did this year! NYCC had some great announcements surrounding it: Logan, War of the Planet of the Apes, Voltron, etc. Here’s a small wrap up of the things I’m personally excited about.


This might be the thing I was most looking forward to. I’ve known for awhile that Playmates has been working on some toys for the Netflix show, VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER. Playmates also makes TMNT toys so I’m sure the quality will be great.

The toys I’m excited for are the premium lions. Each lion has 18+ points are articulation, removable speeders with pilots, projectiles, and combining weapons. They all form together to make a 16″ tall Voltron. The black lion is a bit bigger and has over 50 sound effects. The limb lions are going to run about $17.99 and the black lion will be $29.99. Now I just have to figure out if it’s buying them all at once or limb by limb…

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With the new movie coming up, Power Rangers nostalgia is getting pretty heavy. It looks like Bandai Namco is making a new beat ’em up brawler with a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers skin on it. Now sure, it looks like a cheap iPhone game but it’s actually going to be on real consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One along with Steam.

They say it’s going to be a slight re-imagining of the first 2 seasons and even brings back most of the voice cast. The way the game looks like it plays is what I grew up on so I hope it’s just as fun as Scott Pilgrim or Castle Crashers were!

BLACK MIRROR Season 3 Trailer

We are living in the end times but at least our end times are as crazy and wild as they are in BLACK MIRROR. Since Netflix picked it up we’ve been curious about what to expect for season 3 and beyond. Luckily, we still have no clue! That’s one of the best parts of BLACK MIRROR is the mystery and twists and turns!

OLD MAN LOGAN Marvel Legends Figure

I’m so pumped about the LOGAN movie coming out and with the recent X-Men Marvel Legends toys they released, there has to be something good going on with Disney/Marvel and FOX. See, Disney and Marvel don’t really like making any merchandise that has mutants on them because Marvel doesn’t have the movie rights to “mutants” so making something with Wolverine on it would be free advertising for FOX movies. Anyway, they made some X-Men toys and they must be popular because next year, we’re getting Old Man Logan toys. It has to have something to do with the last Wolverine movie and him being a fan favorite returning to the Marvel comic universe in Secret Wars last year.

Check out the promotional shot for him! Looks awesome!



I’m all in for this POWER RANGERS movie. Here’s a better look at all the suits with some neat zooming style. I like it! It’s sooooo much better than the Zords posters…

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TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Super Shredded Announcement

If you know me at all, TMNT is my favorite! Not so much the old cartoon but the newest cartoon. In season 3/2 (it’s a time travel thing), Shredder was… Killed-ish. Now in season 4, the turtles are back in New York and Oraku Saki is being held on life support with some mutagen. In November, Super Shredder goes after the turtles and I can’t be more excited about what happens next! Then Alopex from the comics! I can’t wait!

JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 Teaser Trailer

John Wick was surprisingly awesome. JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 looks just as insane. Quit killing this man’s dog!

What did you see? What are you excited about? Let me know! I want to talk about it all!