Made in Oklahoma new voting process

The Made in Oklahoma Coalition works to create a platform to support local food manufacturers. Their mission statement rings true to their model.

“To promote brand awareness and consumer loyalty for Oklahoma food and agricultural products through collective marketing for the purpose of increasing sales, maintaining business retention and expanding Oklahoma’s food processing sector.”

This year, the Made in Oklahoma Coalition took a different perspective on their voting process in their third annual restaurant of the year campaign. In the past, the voting process took place in print form, causing extra financing and paper waste. To remove the barrier, we put our creative heads together to create an online voting process.

We believe a online campaign will reach a larger crowd. With a digital presence, we are able to effectively reach a younger audience in an economical way. This will make the voting process more appealing and give the Made in Oklahoma Coalition more analytical data.

This new voting system will be on Facebook starting February 15. Oklahomans can vote every day for thirty days on a restaurant that best represents the “Made in Oklahoma” name. To have the Made in Oklahoma title, a restaurant must be located in Oklahoma and carry at least two Made in Oklahoma products.

The nominated restaurants for 2016 include

Earl’s Rib Palace

Neptune’s Submarine Sandwiches

The Salt Fork

The Meat House

Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ

Del Rancho



Eskimo Joe’s


Burrito Grill

The winner will receive a scrolling banner ad on the Made in Oklahoma Facebook page, full page Gazette ad, a plaque and a $1,000 donation in the winner’s name to the food bank of choice.