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A brand is more than a creative logo or a catchy slogan. Your brand is your company’s promise about what your customers will gain and how they will feel when they use your product or service. The identity of your company is communicated through its brand. Brand development is imperative for the success of your company so you can be identified creatively & cohesively from the rest of the competition.


Brand development is the creation and improvement process involved with growing your brand. The process begins with aligning your brand strategy with your business objectives and moves into developing the brand’s communication tools. This explanation is a high-level overview as much research will go into this process. Research on the market, target audience, brand message, and more will determine the best way to position your brand in the market to achieve your desired results.


When designed and executed strategically, your brand will generate actual revenue for your company while developing a brand value all of its own. At Boiling Point Media, we provide collaborative and creative brand development services, allowing us to work with our clients on building, creating and developing every aspect of their brands. We guarantee that the services we provide in developing your brand will make your brands stand out, send a cohesive message, as well as build brand value and revenue.
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Our top ranked brand development agency in Oklahoma City will work with you to help develop all components of your brand. Throughout the entire process, we implement continual evaluation and reporting to ensure the effectiveness of your brand. We can assist you with many solutions.

  • Brand development strategies
  • Brand creative designs and concepts
  • Brand promise and message
  • Brand perception and positioning
  • Brand values and voice
  • Customized solutions and designs
Brand Development Strategy Team


Brand identity is everything surrounding the visible elements of a brand.  This includes: logos, design, colors, message, and more. The brand identity of your company and products are important because it visually communicates your company’s message and helps to shape the mind of your audience.

The biggest reason you need a brand strategy is to stand out or differentiate your business from your competitors. A brand strategy also defines the purpose of why you are interacting with your customers.  Brand strategy helps to dictate your marketing strategy.  By creating a strong brand strategy, you create consistency with your customers leading to more loyal customers.

A marketing agency that has a focus on branding, will help your company create, launch, and rebrand your products or brands.  These agencies will develop a brand strategy which will include planning, creating, measuring, and management of your brand.  This generally leads to advertising and marketing strategies to further promote the brand ensuring success.

You need a branding agency because an agency is not emotionally tied to your company or brands. This allows for a fresh approach and different mindset in developing your brand strategy. By having a different perspective, new ideas can come forward that can help your brand stand out amongst the rest. By having a conversation with a branding agency and asking questions, a branding agency can be the missing link in developing your brand.

When choosing a branding agency, there are different factors that you should consider. These factors include:

Work Examples - Your brand strategy is going to include many visual pieces such as your logo, color scheme, design of marketing materials, video work and much more. The agency you decide to work with should have a strong, artistically skilled creative department that is versatile and adaptive to different marketing needs

Cohesive Team - Your branding team is best when they come from different backgrounds. This allows for a convergence of ideas that will lead to a well developed brand strategy. Things to look for on your brand development team are the attitudes of the creative team, the personality of the directors and marketers of the team, as well as how well the branding team understands the target market that you are looking to send your message to. Positivity and drive are the two factors that will lead a branding team to success

Attentiveness - The branding team will start with branding basics like developing your color scheme and your logo. From there, the brand strategy will need to be developed. A branding agency that wants to work with you, listens to your needs and wants, as well as incorporates your ideas into the brand strategy will serve you better than an agency that does all of the work for you.

Evolution - After your brand strategy is created, your brand will grow. This also means that your strategy will need to evolve with the changing needs of the business. A good branding agency will evolve with you and support your brand through its lifecycle. Look for an agency that is attentive and also innovative.