Campaign Management And DEVELOPMENT



Over the life of your company, you will run many marketing and advertising campaigns. Planning campaigns and campaign management takes work as you will need to determine the proper marketing mediums to deliver your message, understand how the marketing medium works, research your intended audience, develop appropriate creatives and messages, launch the campaign, as well as manage the campaign once it is live and make real time adjustments.

Campaign management is the active work of planning, implementing, analyzing, and adjusting of advertising campaigns.  This involves a lot of strategy, knowledge and time to achieve a successful outcome. With all performance with digital media being trackable, campaign management can be performed on a micro-level to make changes quickly and easily

When all this becomes overwhelming, Boiling Point Media in Oklahoma is here. With over 10 years of successful campaign management and campaign development for a wide array of businesses, we can assist you in the success of your different marketing campaigns! Our creative team of advertising, marketing and business experts will work with your company to design and execute a comprehensive creative campaign that is tailored to your company’s unique brand image. After your campaign is live, we will perform continuous campaign management and look for development opportunities so your message will continue to stay in front of your customers.

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The first step to building an incredible advertising campaign is understanding the client’s needs and goals. We keep the lines of communication open throughout the entire campaign to ensure that our clients’ marketing needs and goals are met. Boiling Point Media’s campaign management will include:

  • Quantifiable objectives that articulate your goals
  • Comprehensive market research for your specific product or service
  • Consumer research to target your desired audience
  • Strategies and tactics that meet your objects
  • Continual evaluation and reporting to track your progress
  • Creative advertising concepts and marketing content
  • Detailed timeline of tasks, goals and events


Advertising campaign management is the complete process of planning, implementing, tracking, analysis and improvement of an advertising campaign. This process covers the entire lifecycle of an advertising campaign.

The digital marketing campaign management process is generally the same as in traditional advertising in terms of planning, implementation, tracking, analysis and improvement.  Where campaign management in digital marketing differs is in the analysis portion.  Since advertising efforts are completely trackable in digital marketing, there are more campaign indicators to monitor and improve. Tracking software can assist in seeing real-time problems and making real-time adjustments thus optimizing an digital marketing campaign to its fullest.

An advertising campaign is the passing of a business message or messages to an intended audience across a marketing medium or multiple marketing mediums for the purposes of obtaining customer interaction.

The role of an ad campaign manager is to plan and manage advertising campaigns. The campaign manager will find the most effective way to communicate a client’s brand or products to the client’s target audience.

Managing your advertising agency is as important as managing your employees. In fact, the best way to view an advertising agency is to view them as an employee.  With that said, here are some factors to monitor during your relationship with your advertising agency.

  • Relationship - This will be your biggest factor.  Like with any type of relationship, if you do not foster its growth, it will fall apart.  Regularly communicate with your advertising agency, meet in person with your agency, share what is new with your business, ask questions, communicate any changes, wishes, or desires in your marketing plan, and have the agency do the same. The stronger your relationship is with your marketing agency, the happier you will be with how they are working for you.
  • Budgets - Changes in budget should not come as a surprise.  Campaign budgets should be set prior to implementation and any changes to the budget should be discussed first.  This is how trust is built
  • Trust Your Agency - Hopefully you fully vetted your advertising agency prior to entering into a marketing project. If you trusted the agency enough to market your business, then take their advice. Just like a doctor, your agency is not going to steer you wrong. On top of that, your agency stays up on the most current marketing trends.  Their goal is your success so let them gear your advertising campaign the correct direction, or go to an agency you trust.