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WHAT ARE custom jingles?
Let’s take a moment to think about television commercials and radio commercials. Which ones can you remember the most? We bet they all have two things in common, they have a custom jingle and you remember that jingle. Nothing will set your advertisement and company apart like catchy custom jingles that continues to echo in your customer’s heads every time they think about your product.

Custom jingles are short marketing messages set to music or a melody. Jingles assist the consumer to recall your company, brand or product whenever they generally think about needing it. They also help to eliminate competitors during the buying decision process by keeping your company front of mind. This ultimately leads to more sales!

Utilizing a catchy melody and turn of phrase, we guarantee your target audience will not be able to get your jingle out of their heads! The jingles Boiling Point Media will create are easily adaptable for television, radio or digital ads of any length. You will be able to use your custom jingle with most forms of advertising and marketing as your jingle will be associated with your brand.
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The commercial jingle that our top-ranked Oklahoma jingle company will create with you will start with a deep dive into your product or company.  We look for that special unique selling proposition that we can turn into a creative message to broadcast to your intended audience.  Our production team then takes over to create the music behind your message.  The end result will be a jingle that your consumers will remember for years to come.


A good advertising jingle is created by constructing the right short message and back that message with music.  When this process is done correctly, the result will be a song that continuously plays in your consumer’s and sometimes a song that they will even sing!  The outcomes of an effective jingle could go on for many years and hopefully evoking positive feelings toward your brand or products every time the jingle is remembered.

Jingles become “catchy” by making the message as short as possible and repeating that message with an earworm. An earworm is a 15-30 second piece of music that stimulates an emotional connection with the listener. By repeating the message over and over again in conjunction with an earworm, a jingle is created and remembered for years to come.

Jingles and slogans have a lot of similarities.  They both provide a short, catchy message about a brand or a product.  The biggest difference between the two are, jingles are musical where slogans are generally just a message.

Jingles come in many lengths.  Some take a full 30 seconds while others complete their message with a few notes.  As long as the main goal of creating something memorable and recognizable is achieved, a jingles can be as long as it needs to be.  Here are 4 rules to follow when creating a jingle.

  • Simplicity - be clear, concise, and to the point
  • Message - the message should be communicated in a few words, like a slogan
  • Memorable - this is where the “catchiness” comes in. You want your audience to remember this jingle for years to come
  • Emotion - The music and the message should invoke an emotional connection in your audience which will lead to a greater loyalty for your brand

There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of a jingle.  This includes length of script, talent, music creation, and more.  Some companies will charge upwards of $2,500 to create a jingle.  At Boiling Point Media, our jingles start at $799.