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WHAT IS direct mail?

Have you ever checked the mail and saw advertisements in your mailbox? Of course you have. Some of the direct mail pieces you kept while others you walked to the garbage can. But why did you keep the mail pieces that you did?

Direct mail is a highly effective traditional form of advertising where marketing material is sent to prospective customers through the mail. This powerful marketing tool is especially effective when you are targeting local audiences and specific market segments. The reason why you kept the mail pieces you did is for the same reason why you click on an ad on Google, because it was relevant to your needs. When an ad is relevant, response rate goes up significantly.

Boiling Point Media is a leading agency when it comes to implementing direct mail campaigns. We take the time to segment your market and deliver creative mail pieces and postcards that will generate a response. Specializing in keeping costs low allows us to keep your ROI high. From local small businesses to large national corporations, mail is an inexpensive and efficient form of advertising that should be a piece of your overall marketing plan.

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Styles of mail Pieces

Direct mail comes in many different and unique forms.  Boiling Point Media is well versed in these forms as well as why and when each style should be used.  These mail pieces include:

  • Postcards – all sizes
  • Coupon envelopes
  • Letters
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Packages
  • Custom – bring us your idea!


There are three main reasons why direct mail is effective. Direct mail requires less cognitive ability on the recipient allowing for more consumption of the message, provides a much better response rate versus email, and direct mail reinforces other advertising mediums, through direct response, thus increasing the overall effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

Up to 90% of direct mail is opened or viewed.  This is much higher than email which has about a 20%-30% open rate. The response rate is higher for direct mail as well and can be up to 9%!

The best days to send direct mail pieces will depend on the speed of the mail service in your area. Typically, the best days to send direct mail will be Friday and Monday.  The goal is to get your direct mail piece to arrive on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as these days are the best for consumer attention to the mail.

Direct mail campaigns can be expensive and they can also be very inexpensive.  The cost per direct mail piece can range from $0.30 to $10 and that doesn’t include the price of shipping.  Factors that can influence the price will be the size of the postcard, is it in an envelope (as well as how large will that envelope be), are there speciality features such as a scratch off or a key, distribution lists, and graphic design. Ultimately, you will want to look at the ROI you will receive from a campaign to judge what kind of investment you should make.

Typical ROI on a direct mail campaign will be 20%-35%.  Many factors will influence the results such as quality of mailing lists, quality of message and layout, size of direct mail piece, and calls to action.