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Over 60% of people are “visual” people. So when a consumer is introduced to your brand, it is no surprise that the logo is generally the most remembered part of the meeting. A unique logo that accurately represents your company and communicates your values and brand identity to your target audience, is a key component to the development of your brand and company. If this wasn’t true, then almost every organization in the world would not spend the time with logo creation as this would not help their business grow.

A logo is a symbol or piece of art, that is used by a business, to identify their company, brand, products, services, and more. It immediately grabs the attention of the consumer and helps to foster a great first impression. Your logo will identify you from your competition and in time, draw customers from your competition and generate income for your business.

Our skilled and experienced graphic designers at Boiling Point Media work with our clients to develop brand logos that are creative, unique, recognizable, and memorable. We will listen to your ideas and present options in different styles so that the best design can emerge. Creating a custom brand logo for your company or organization is one step in your brand development process. Contact Boiling Point Media today to start creating your logo and developing your organization’s brand.



The first step to building impactful logos is understanding our client’s needs and goals. We keep the lines of communication open throughout the logo creation process to ensure that our clients’ branding needs and goals are met. The process to create your logo will include:


A logo is a symbol of the company or brand. It is made up of text and images that helps to create an identity for the business while creating a positive emotion for the consumer.

Your logo represents your business's brand in many ways. Whenever your customers come into contact with your business or website, it is your logo that will help create the memory recall. The logo becomes an easily identifiable symbol of the brand which helps to keep a business front-of-mind

Logo design requires advanced skills that generally, graphic designers possess. A logo is a serious investment for your business as it will be one of the things your audience remembers the most about your company. Unless you are a trained graphic designer, it might be best to leave the creation of a logo to a professional (that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have input or ideas).

Your company logo will be used on almost every customer facing material your company will produce.  Your logo will appear on advertisements, business cards, company letterhead, email signatures, product packaging, and much more.  This image will be burned into your customer’s brain so that when they need a product you sell, they will remember you first.

An effective logo will meet five requirements.  These requirements are Simplicity, Relevance, Versatility, Uniqueness, and Memorable