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WHAT IS social media management?

At first glance, social media management looks simple. All you really need to do is to post content about or related to your business on your social media feed. What becomes difficult is continuing to post. How often should you post, where you should post, coming up with content ideas, and staying engaged with your audience can easily become a full-time job in itself. This is where being organized and having a strategy comes into play.

Social media management might be the most important component in your digital marketing strategy as organic content is a critical marketing tactic in today’s digital world. The organic content that is created will be seen and shared by your target audience. This is powerful in retaining and gaining new customers as well as interacting with your audience. Social media influencers can help to spread your message even further. With so many different audiences to reach, strategies to implement and social media platforms to master, managing your social media can easily become an overwhelming task.

At Boiling Point Media, our social media management experts provide creative and unique social media content tailored to your unique brand and message. We partner with you build social media campaigns and meet quantifiable goals all while ensuring that your tone of voice is consistent across all platforms. We use the latest social media marketing and analytics tools to optimize your accounts and provide transparent reporting throughout your campaign. Whether you are a brand-new business or a seasoned corporation, managing your organic social media content is a profitable marketing strategy.


ORGANIC social media campaigns

Our creative and technically savvy social media management team in Oklahoma City will work with you to build a social media campaign that will grow your online presence, generate online activity from your target audience and increase the value of your brand. Our mix of creativity, experience, data-backed insights and strategic approach has consistently delivered results that reached our client’s goals. Whether we’re driving your audience down the conversion funnel, bringing sales to your website, or just growing your brand awareness, Boiling Point Media will take the time to carefully plan out every user touchpoint with your social content. Some of our services include:

  • Determining target audience & profiles
  • Creating short and long-term goals & strategies
  • Developing a content schedule
  • Designing fresh & creative content
  • Personalized brand messages
  • Implementation of tracking pixels
  • Regular reporting & evaluation
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Social media management keeps a focus on the organic content produced on social media accounts while social media marketing focuses on the creation and execution of a paid marketing strategy to generate leads for your company via different social media platforms.

Organic content is the information that is displayed on websites, social media posts, blogs, etc., that appears in non-paid areas of a platform (like the free section of a Google results page or a post that appears naturally in a Facebook feed).

Social media management is important because it is an effective, online way to be able to reach, engage, and cultivate your audience into becoming loyal customers. If you are not managing your the activity on your social media accounts, your audience will lose interest and will probably go to a competitor

Social media helps you build your brand because it enables sharing of your messages to a greater audience. What this means is that viewers of your message can share your content with their friends and family, which helps expose your brand or marketing message to more people which will generate more customers.

The short answer is no, you do not need to be on every social media network.  When planning out your social media marketing strategy, a market analysis should be performed to see which platforms are most utilized by your target audience.  Based on those results, you should create accounts on the platforms that will have the greatest visibility to your target audience and keep those accounts updated