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Since Myspace started in 2003, social media became an integral part of the online experience. This is largely because it gave the public at large a personal place on the internet to express themselves. As time continued, more social media sites with different purposes arose. Now we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many other sites that allow the public sharing of information, thoughts, ideas, pictures, videos, as well as marketing. With a diverse set of sites and users for each site, developing a social media marketing strategy that reaches the correct audience can be difficult.

Social media marketing refers to the paid marketing efforts done on social media sites to bring in sales or traffic to a website. With social media advertising, you pay social media platforms to promote your content directly to your target audience. This form of paid marketing is an incredibly inexpensive form of paid advertising in comparison with tradition radio, television or digital advertising. Social media advertising is ideal for any size business and will strengthen your relationship with your customers.

At Boiling Point Media, we work with you to create relevant stunning content for your brand that reaches your target audience. Our marketing strategy will generate immediate and long-term results as well as grow your social media presence and accomplish all of this while meeting your budget goals. Whether you are a small startup business or a longstanding company, social media advertising is a powerful and feasible form of paid advertising that can generate incredible results, increase customer loyalty, and enhance your marketing strategy.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM OUR social media experts

Our Oklahoma based social media marketing company are specialists in assisting businesses with their social media advertising strategy. We will put together a plan of action that will increase your followers as well as traffic to your website. Part of our strategy will include:

  • In-depth research to determine which social media platforms will best reach your target audience
  • Audience targeting
  • Campaign strategies that accomplish your goals and meet budget requirements
  • Creative posts that accurately represent your brand & are tailored to your target market
  • Content that works for you and generates measurable results
  • Open lines of communication & continuous consultation throughout the campaign
  • Regular evaluation and reporting to ensure optimal ROI
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Social media marketing refers to marketing programs that target social media networks and apps to spread brand awareness or promote particular products. Social media marketing campaigns usually center around establishing a social media presence on major social media platforms by creating shareable content & advertisements

Social media is an effective way to build relationships with customers and potential customers that lead to greater satisfaction and brand loyalty over time. Engaging with your customer audience on social media helps you build stronger customer relationships, keeps the lines of communication open, allows for feedback, as well as market the business and it’s products.

In social media marketing, there are five areas to consider when deciding upon your social media marketing strategy. These areas will be places that your social media audience will be looking at in their buying process.  The five parts of a social media strategy are to consider are:

      1. Social media and networking sites and apps
      2. Paid social media advertising
      3. Influencer advertising
      4. Company blogs
      5. Review sites

    1. Collaborative consultation
    2. Extensive market research
    3. Long-term objectives & strategy planning
    4. Target market profiles
    5. Highly creative content
    6. Personalized brand messages
    7. Technical tracking pixel implementations
    8. Continual evaluation and reporting

Our advertising agency takes a collaborative approach to all marketing programs, including social media marketing.  This team approach provides creative strategies as well as unique content for our clients.  Reach out to Boiling Point Media for an evaluation of your social media marketing strategy and see what we can do for you.