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So, you just completed a marketing campaign. Maybe you saw more customers come in the door or increased traffic to your website. The question becomes, how effective was your marketing campaign? Especially with digital marketing, analytics and review of your campaign will provide the necessary information to tell if your campaign was truly a success as well as show you where there is room for improvement.

Analytics in advertising is the compiled data from your marketing campaign, separated into different metrics, that shows how people interacted with your advertisement. Depending on the marketing medium, there will be different sets of metrics, also called key performance indicators (KPI’s). When advertising analytics are setup properly, future advertising campaigns are even more effective and current campaigns can be adjusted for greater success.

Our Oklahoma team of digital media analysts work to manage and evaluate our client’s campaigns using the latest data analysis tools and tactics. The Boiling Point Media team will monitor all critical metrics for your campaigns, including reach, click through rate (CTR), & conversions on site. Having a complete & transparent reporting of your digital marketing results is critical for optimizing your digital campaigns.


When we assist you with your marketing campaign, we will also setup analytics based upon the goals of the campaign. Instead of overwhelming our clients with information that makes no sense to them, we compile all of our data from our reports into visually easy-to-read presentations. Complete transparency is our goal & we want to ensure our clients we are doing our part to make their advertising and marketing strategies work for them. Our reporting will include:

  • Complete transparency into your campaign
  • Relevant KPI’s
  • Timely campaign data
  • Ongoing evaluation & adjustments
  • Regular meetings and reports
  • Open lines of communication
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In advertising, transparent reporting refers to the complete reporting on the different aspects of your advertising campaign. The reporting metrics included in reporting varies between the different mediums that are used.  An agency or marketer should show you all aspects of your marketing campaign or at least provide you with an answer to any of your reporting questions.

You can check to see if your marketing agency is hiding anything from you simply by asking questions. The following is a good list of considerations that your agency should be able to provide you an answer with.

  • Publisher List - Your agency should be able to provide you with a list of the publishers or locations that your ad is scheduled to, has or is appearing.  No agency is going to get every location you want or don’t want.  Review this list to see where your ads will appear as well as be able to add or remove publishers. You should also be able to make adjustments to the list as to what percentage of clicks come from where or see how well each publisher performed.
  • Tracking Tags - By utilizing tags, tracking of each ad shown can be analyzed as well as actions taken.  A great tool that should be utilized by your digital marketing agency
  • Reporting Dashboard - With all of the available digital marketing tracking software out there, your agency should have some sort of reporting dashboard to provide to you.  Learn how to use your dashboard and even compare it to other dashboards out there to make sure you are getting all of the information.
  • Trust Us - Many agencies will want you to “trust” them with their distributions and numbers while not providing you all of the information.  This is a possible red flag. Especially if the agency is reporting good numbers and you are not seeing the results

Transparent reporting is important because it provides a clear picture of your marketing campaign.  When you have a clear picture of your marketing campaign, it is easier to see where you need to make the adjustments so that you get the most return on your investment.  Transparent reporting also keeps your advertising agency honest in their marketing tactics and reported results.

The type of metrics that you should look will be different for each marketing medium that you use. This is because different marketing mediums have different goals in marketing.  Generally speaking, these metrics should be appropriately considered when evaluating the results of an advertising campaign.

      1. Impressions
      2. Clicks
      3. Conversions
      4. Reach
      5. Frequency
      6. Tracked calls

According to Google, a good click-through ratio (CTR) is a CTR above 2%.  The more you can raise a CTR above 2%, the greater your website score, SEO ranking, and profits will become