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Why website design & development?

In today’s business world, a website is more important than a business card. Strategic web design of your website will tell your business story, promote your products & services, and most importantly, be accessed at any time by anyone. Not all websites are created equally. Is your website an effective website? There are many factors that the search engines look at when determining if your website is a good website to give to their searchers. Some of these factors include responsiveness to different viewing devices, loading speed, and formats of the text, images and videos.

A website is an online location where a group of webpages are located. Sounds simple enough but when a potential customer visits your website, you only have seconds to grab their attention and interest if you want them to stay on your website and covert into a lead. You need a stunning, professional, device responsive, and user-friendly website to attract potential customers who are considering your products and services. Failure to create your website to both the user and search engine specifications will leave your website well past the first page of a search result.

At Boiling Point Media, our internet designs will provide your customers with an interactive user experience. Our web developers will create a layout that will effortlessly guide searchers to the content they are seeking on your website as well as create an incentive for them to return. Each of the websites we produce are completely tailored to the customer’s, end user’s, & search engine’s needs. We ensure each design reflects the unique brand image and personality of our clients.

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WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM OUR web design & development SERVICES

Your online presence matters. Whether you need to build a better website or simply touch up your current website’s design, our Oklahoma website design agency is ready to meet your unique needs with experienced web developers. Our approach to creating websites includes:


Website development is the processes and work that is involved in creating, publishing, and maintaining a website. This includes programming, layout, connectivity, user experience and more from the backend of a website.

A responsive website is designed to appear correctly on all types of viewing devices like desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other internet viewing devices. One of Google’s ranking criteria is that a website is easy to use on any device and especially on mobile devices. So by having a website that is responsive to the viewing device, your website will clear an SEO hurdle and can receive better placement on the search engine results page.

The answer to the “do I need an e-commerce website” largely depends on the scope of your business and what you plan to achieve online. If you website is informational only or you do not plan on physically selling products online, then probably not.  But if you do plan on having users purchase products directly off of your website, then you absolutely do. Call Boiling Point Media for an analysis of your marketing goals and we can make the decision together.

Since the creation, redesign or development of a website is critical for online business success, you need to have a company that is skilled, innovative, and responsive working on your website.  Here are some factors you should consider.

  • Portfolio - See the agency’s past work and evaluate it for yourself
  • Approach - Web development is multifaceted and complex.  Understand how your website team is going to create a website as well as how they overcome challenges.
  • Their Website - An agency’s website is going to show you what they are capable of. Look at the agency’s site to see their creativity, special skills, web ranking, as well as for any factors you deem important.
  • Industry Knowledge - Is your agency going to custom build your website to rank against the competitors in your industry or are they going to produce for you a cookie cutter website? 
  • In-House Development - Does your agency create websites in-house or do they use a third party? The answer to this question will lend insight into the skills of your agency as well as costs.
  • Add-On’s - This factor will show how willing the agency is to help you in different situations. If there is an endless amount of add-on’s that need to be purchased to get your website to work, the company may be focused more on building profit for themselves versus helping you with your needs.
  • Culture - An agency’s culture will show you how they will work together to complete your web project. Look for agencies that are energetic, collaborative, and continue to learn

In a general sense, no.  This is because web developers have been trained to do web development while SEO specialists are trained in adjusting websites for search and marketing functions. Although these job functions are related, the two functions require different skill sets.  Just like you wouldn’t want your dermatologist to perform heart surgery on you, you probably do not want your web developer to perform SEO on your website (unless properly trained to do so). An advantage to using a marketing agency is that they generally will have both a web developer and an SEO specialist on staff.