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Traditional Media Buying

Digital media has become the new marketing industry for the past few years. However, many people still swear by traditional media buying, and plenty of success stories back it up. Metro Ford of OKC has one of those stories.

Metro Ford was on KWTV-CBS and KFOR-NBC stations.  When placing traditional media buys, we look at what stations are higher rated for their targeted demographic.  We had an average frequency of 4.1 to ensure the consumer was reached effectively.

Quarterly audits are conducted with our clients to ensure spots run as ordered. We require stations to air the missed impressions back into current orders.

OTT / Connected TV

For OTT/CTV with website attribution we upgraded Metro Ford of OKC to a bigger, better platform. We target Ford auto intenders within a 15-mile radius around the dealership and the towns of Goldsby, Slaughterville, Blanchard, Tuttle, Newcastle and Norman. We did remove Capitol Hill, Piedmont and Downtown OKC within the 15-mile radius.

In the last 9-months alone, we ordered 727,127 impressions and delivered 756,783 – that is an over-delivery of 29,656 impressions! We make sure our client’s money is stretched and spent well and exceeds expectations.


graphic design

Lead Generation

Metro Ford of OKC came to Boiling Point Media with the goal of being more competitive on Google Search in order to drive more leads. The highly competitive auto industry can be hard to always maintain a healthy organic position on search engines. Our solution was to run Google search ads to ensure top messaging placement on the medium. 

With an ever rotating inventory of new and used cars, the best approach was to set up dynamic search ads. These ad types scanned Metro Ford of OKC’s website for changes to the inventory to keep the keywords updated with what was in stock. Therefore, when an individual had a specific vehicle they searched for, and the inventory was on the site, the keyword would be added to Google’s auction. 

The BPM team’s efforts have helped to bolster more leads for Metro Ford of OKC. These efforts included daily audits of search terms, auction insights, and budget projections. The numbers speak for themselves for just how well the campaigns performed. If you need a highly dedicated team of PPC experts, then look no further than Boiling Point Media.


Search Engine Management

Like most companies that come to Boiling Point Media for SEO help, Metro Ford of OKC not only wanted their website to appear for a greater number of searches, they also wanted us to promote their customized vehicles. We started with extensive keyword research to get a complete understanding of how their consumers are shopping. Once we had decided upon our keyword set, we then started with keyword insertion. We optimized their content, technical areas of many pages, and their backlinks. Finally, we created several blogs around their keywords which we strategically linked to appropriate pages on the site. 

The year-over-year results came back nicely. We took the total number of keywords that they ranked for from a little over 5,000 to a little over 9,000. We also took the number of keywords that they rank in the top 3 from 87 to 288. Their average monthly traffic increased by over 3,000 visitors per month and customized vehicle sales also increased by 14%. 

Social Media Services 

Online Reputation Management

In today’s digital age, it is very important to have a positive online presence. Just like any other business, reviews and ratings work wonders in this department, setting the expectations for what kind of service the consumer will be receiving.

For Metro Ford of OKC, Boiling Point monitors all reviews and ratings from every source and responds to it. If a positive review is left, we always want to show appreciation on Metro Ford’s behalf. If a negative review is left, we will always approach the complaint from a consumer standpoint and respond  with grace and professionalism. When escalation is necessary, Metro Ford of OKC is informed and given the opportunity to respond personally.

This service allows our clients to deal with “bigger” matters internally.