Chris Hoyt, one of Boiling Point Media’s very talented producers and writers says it best: “The benefits of working with a production company such as Boiling Point is you get years of experienced creatives working for the client in all areas of the creation process. From the idea to script development, production, post-production, editing, sound, graphics, 2-D & 3-D animation, and visual effects; all working together to deliver a professional video.”

Let’s explore that a bit more in depth:


Who Should Work With A Production Company

Before we can get to the depths of why you’d work with a production company, let’s first establish who should. Do you own or am part of a business that provides a good or service? Are you a filmmaker? Are you wanting to brand your business? Are you in need of visual effects? Are you needing help writing a script or even coming up with the idea?

Anyone can create a film. Anyone can create designs. Anyone can come up with an idea and write a script. Will it be quality? Will it show years of professional experience? Will it convey the tone of your brand and hit your target market right between the eyes? You might just get lucky with one or two, but production companies are the best in all of these areas.

So to answer the original question: Who should work with a production company? 


Everyone who needs film production


Business Benefits Of Working With A Production Company

Now to the why: Businesses would benefit the most from working with a production company. Some reasons are pretty obvious, while others are something you wouldn’t normally think about. 

The average human attention span is about eight seconds… Yeah, that’s not a typo. Ours are actually shorter than goldfish, which have an attention span of nine seconds. So if you’ve made it this far in the blog, bravo! We’re grateful you’re here. Back to the topic – this is important because video holds attention. Mind you, the ones that have the most interaction average a length of about 2.7 minutes, but it’s still significant because it’s a lot less work to mindlessly watch a production of some sort than have to use brain power and read. 

That being said, videos really help stand out against competition and boost sales. A business needs to have a memorable brand, and a video showcases that the best. The better the production is and the more clear-cut the brand is, the wider the reach will be, thus boosting sales. 

Production companies are not just stuck in creating pieces for the outside world. They can help with the business’ internal team as well. Maybe you use training videos or want to create something to boost morale! Employee motivation is just as good of a reason to invest your time and energy in production as your potential customers. Video can help make sure the people under you are happy to be there and want to do good work for your business. 


Personal Benefits Of Working With A Production Company

Along with benefits to your business, there are benefits of working with a production company that seem a bit more personal than something you can calculate or measure. Production studios have some amazing benefits and advantages and one of those benefits of working with them is the quality of the work. With a great production piece, defining that memorable brand, and putting it out there for the world to see, it builds trust between customers and the business. 

We know that a key to having a successful business is networking: meeting people to create a business-transactional relationship with. Production companies have access to a huge array of professional resources that can change the game for you and your business. 

Remember when we talked about who needs to work with a production company? Well, coming up with creative ideas may not be what you’re good at, but a production company is filled to the brim with creatives who can help switch your perspective from what can feel like the trenches of the business world to help you see the potential in your branding from an unbiased and fresh viewpoint. 


Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Two huge driving factors for outsourcing your production to production house are the time and cost-effectiveness. Honestly, when we boil it all down, that in itself is reason enough to not try to DIY your production pieces. There is no wasted time and no wasted resources at all. Training or hiring takes both time and money, and so does buying everything you think you’d need and teaching yourself. It’s energy that doesn’t need to be spent.

After all of that, you’re probably wondering, “Who do I call or where do I go to get started?” Boiling Point Media is the best at what we do. Senior Animator Stephanie Bellgardt agrees: “Boiling Point’s team is a well-oiled machine built from years of professional experience. We bring passion, creativity and efficiency to every project we take on.” From commercial production, full-length feature films, and character animation to branding guides, script-writing, and social media management, Boiling Point Media is the one-stop shop for whatever you need for your business.


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