NYCC 2016 Wrap-Up

October 6th to 9 was New York Comic Con and it got me more excited than San Diego Comic Con did this year!¬†NYCC had some great announcements surrounding it: Logan, War of the Planet of the Apes, Voltron, etc. Here’s a small wrap up of the things I’m personally excited about. VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER¬†Toys This…

LOGAN Official Title & Poster

Today the director for the third Wolverine revealed the title and the first poster for the last Hugh Jackman X-Men movie. Rumors have been circulating for awhile that the movie will be based on the popular story-line Old Man Logan and the poster seems to suggest that even more!

New ‘Power Rangers’ Dinozord Posters

In 2017, it’s Morphin’ time! And on October 8th, it’s New York Comic Con, where we’ll probably be getting our first trailer for the up coming movie, Power Rangers. But earlier today, we got some character/Zords posters.