MIO Holiday Video

We’re always excited to push the boundaries with what’s possible in the world of local TV production. We pitched this fun and challenging idea to the Made in Oklahoma Coalition, and they loved it!

This “living photograph” carefully highlights Made in Oklahoma products and brands on a holiday dinner table. The actors are all actual coalition members who had to literally freeze in place as we moved our camera around them. in post production added milk and fire to really enhance the effects of moving through a picture.

Look for this spot on TV this holiday season!

We Lost Our Pants for Frontier City!

We had the privilege of working with Frontier City on a web spot for Fright Fest! This is the 27th season the theme park has offered the halloween attraction and we were thrilled to come up with a fun concept that was but family friendly and funny. Frontier City used the piece across social media accounts and it even ended up running on local news as a “special report!”

Our collaboration with their marketing department lead to the following:

We had a blast creating and filming this and look forward to more adventures with Frontier City!

*BONUS: Ryan and Lucas have a history of working with Frontier City and White Water. Here’s an Emmy-Nominated PSA they created a few years back: