Colin Stein

Colin Stein

Graphic Designer / Producer / Single

Colin Stein is a graphic designer from Edmond, Oklahoma. He joined the team in 2014. He works on digital and print ads, logo design, web design, photography and commercials. He can easily acquire different skills based on need.

As a graphic designer/producer, his schedule differs week to week. No two days are the same for him. The bulk of his day is spent working on projects for clients. He enjoys working on finite detail from finding the perfect color scheme to the perfect curve to their anchor.

One of his favorite aspects of working at Boiling Point Media is having his own office. He spends a lot of time working in it and has made it his own by having his own collection of action figures and other collectables. Oh, and I guess some coworkers.  Not Tyler though.

If Colin had to have an actor play the story of his life, he would choose actor, Jay Baruchel.  This would be a good fit, I could see Colin learning to train a dragon.

O: 405.286.9635 EXT: 14