Josh McKamie

Josh McKamie

Senior Producer

Josh McKamie is the Senior Producer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Before his work here at Boiling Point, he worked for a documentary film company in Oklahoma City shooting films and creating content. After his time working with documentaries, he became a full time freelancer.

He worked as a freelancer on dozens of commercial projects, short films, music videos and even produced a feature film before being hired at Boiling Point.  He joined the team February 2012.  At Boiling Point he spends most of his time making commercials and working with clients.

Due to his experience and amazing portfolio, he has the ability to work with scene lighting to depict almost any mood. He is passionate about his work here and continues to create to ideas and content.

If Josh had to have an actor play the story of his life, he would choose actor, Elijah Wood. As children, Josh and Elijah looked identical!


O: 405.286.9635 EXT: 21