Kelly O’Connor

Kelly O’Connor

Operations Manager / Sr. Media Buyer

Kelly O’Connor is a Operations Manager and Senior Media Buyer from Guthrie, Oklahoma. Before working at Boiling Point, Kelly worked at a radio station in OKC. She soon developed her passion for media, which brought her to Boiling Point Media in 2010.

Her typical day is anything from billing to media buys and running the office. She is the first one in the office every day and touches everything that comes through.

Kelly is a multitasking master and a firm believer in the power of to-do lists. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, which makes her good at her job.

If Kelly had to have an actress play the story of her life, she would choose actress, Amy Adams because she is a strong confident woman who gets her work done.

O: 405.286.9635 EXT: 20