Kyle Baldinger

Kyle Baldinger

Social Media

Kyle Baldinger is a digital strategist from Allen, Oklahoma. Before working at Boiling Point, Kyle was a freelance designer. As a freelance designer he learned valuable skills such as time management and multitasking, that he’s brought to Boiling Point.

His typical day at work involves a lot of client management, he generates content for a brand’s digital presence and then analyzes the content success. Many components are involved in creating great online presence including the time of the post, content involved and whether or not the post follows a media trend.

Working with a highly skilled creative team allows his creativity to grow. He believes that Boiling Point Media does an excellent job at producing content that is unique, bold, and representative of the client.

If Kyle had to have an actor play the story of his life, he would choose actor, Brenton Thwaites due to his general likability and flawless bone structure.  Who wouldn’t want to look like Brenton?!

O: 405.286.9635 EXT:17