Stephanie Roach

Stephanie Roach

Junior Producer

Stephanie Roach is a Junior Producer from Woodward, Oklahoma. She graduated from Oklahoma Christian in 2014 with a degree in gaming and animation. She heard about Boiling Point through a mutual connection and joined the team July 2016.

She mostly works with 3D graphics for movies and helps where she is needed. Typical days for her involve working with animation to prepare for actual moving shots. She loves working at Boiling Point due to the supportive atmosphere.

Motion and the art of motion inspire Stephanie. She enjoys studying how things move. Not only is she dedicated, but she aspires daily to learn new things to make her the best at her job.

If Stephanie had an actor to play the story of her life she would choose Emma Watson, it would rock to be Hermione!

O: 405.286.9635 EXT: 16