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Programmatic advertising allows you to automatically purchase digital advertising space, using computer technology and data to choose what advertisements to buy and what to pay for them. Purchasing advertisements and advertising space has never been more efficient and inexpensive. Simply put, programmatic advertising is a media buying process that uses technology instead of the traditional manual method. Programmatic advertising allows you to make advertising purchasing decisions in real-time and eliminates human error from the media buying process.
While it might seem that programmatic advertising is the next step in technology replacing humans in the workforce, this is actually not the case. Instead of replacing humans in the advertising buying process, programmatic advertising simply allows you to reallocate time spent purchasing media to the creative conceptualizing and strategizing of your advertisements. It also lets you focus more on your target audience instead of the type of media you want to use to reach your target audience.
Programmatic advertising provides efficiency to the advertising buying process through the use of artificial intelligence. Because programmatic advertising uses artificial intelligence, it only becomes more efficient with time. The more you use programmatic advertising, the more efficient your ad placements and purchases become as this eliminates human error and ultimately minimizing your expenses and maximizing ROI.
Programmatic advertising lets your company or organization strategically target your audience across various media platforms, maximizes your return on investment and provide you with accurate, timely reporting. More importantly, programmatic advertising gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
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