4 Reasons You Should Film in Oklahoma City

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Film

1. The Landscape

Most people, especially outsiders, likely envision our state as endless fields of wheat… thanks Rodgers and Hammerstein. If you live here, you know those lyrics aren’t inaccurate. That is a very real magical sight and stunning smell. However, the musical does leave out about 20 other geographic descriptions.

Oklahoma has GORGEOUS lengthy fields of all sorts of things as far as the eye can see. But Oklahoma also has:

We represent some of the most varied regions in the country. Basically, just about any climate, ecosystem or setting you need is all just a short drive away. If you were feeling extra ambitious, you could technically film a desert, forest and open water scene all in the same day. Talk about saving money on travel!


2. Settings

Speaking of settings, the landscape isn’t the only varied element in Oklahoma. The man-made atmosphere is just as vast, with everything from Old Wild West Ghost Towns to City Skyscrapers. You could leave the city and be on farmland within 10 minutes. Can’t get that in New York.


3. Rebate Program

You may not have heard that Oklahoma has had a rebate program in place for Movie Makers since 2001. It has been an integral part of the State’s growth economically and artistically. But a little over a year ago, an extension was made both in time and allowances to the bill. Not only will this rebate continue for at least another 6 years, but the cap has been raised to include Big Budget Blockbuster Films! Scorcese, once again teaming up with his favorite D’s (DiCaprio and DeNiro), was delayed a year by the pandemic, but is set to start filming Killers of the Flower Moon very shortly, as are two films by the Erwin Brothers both starring Zachary Levi, just to name a few of the films currently being film in the state.

The Rebate program offers 35-37% back with contingencies requiring some use of local Oklahoma talent and businesses. Considering the level of talent and the price of doing business here, movie makers are QUITE happy to oblige and Oklahomans are thrilled to participate. 

Oklahoma Rebate Program Article


4. Affordability

The Rebate Program isn’t the only thing keeping costs down. Oklahoma practically runs on a different currency than that of the “Big Cities”. The lower cost of living allows Big Ideas to be produced on lower budgets. Imagine all the huge scripts and concepts that have been turned away from producers who couldn’t raise the funds for a $100 million project… but those are Hollywood prices. That same project could’ve been done for a significantly lower number in Oklahoma when calculating the differences in SAG/AFTRA contracts for crew, actors, and other OK-based talent, rental properties, labor, food prices, gas prices, location travel, etc. A burger doesn’t cost $18 like it does in NYC. Do they even eat burgers in LA? Here, the steer is in the backyard of the restaurant, so it’s FRESH for $5! You get what I’m saying. Not to mention the traffic! In Los Angeles, you’re lucky to fifteen feet in fifteen minutes. In Oklahoma, you’d be there already. 

“But do you even have the studio space and equipment?”

Hunny… do we EVER!

Not only is Boiling Point able to do most writing, filming, animation and editing in house, the city council approved the use of our giant Cox Convention Center as a sound stage and film studio during the Pandemic. 

Oklahoma has eliminated any reason NOT to film here, and offered EVERY reason to GET YOUR BUTTS HERE “SOONER” (ya boomers)!

Seriously, you can’t afford NOT to film here. Your account exec just said so. And your investors agree.

Written by: Amanda M.

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