Schwab Meat Co.






Responsive E-Commerce Website

Schwab Meat Co. is a local meat company that has a brick and mortar location and an online store. They came to us at Boiling Point needing a new E-Commerce website that would captivate the attention of their demo and make buying meat online EASY. The 50+ page SEO optimized site is responsive, has a shopping cart, and can be navigated with ease.


graphic design

Organic Social & Effective Facebook Advertising

Boiling Point created a striving community of Schwab Lovers through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. All content used was original. Through product photography, lifestyle photography, Tasty-Style videos, and pics of the famous Mama (their lovable dog), we were able to have increasing engagement, followers, and impressions month after month. In addition to organic, we create multiple successful paid Facebook/Instagram campaigns. The campaign you see on the right reached over 40,000 people, received 1,972 clicks, and the average CPC was 20 cents.