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Paid Digital Campaigns




Media Buying


When TRL Autostop Eliminator became a client at Boiling Point Media, they were looking to get their website generating more organic traffic–organic traffic meaning TRL website visitors that have arrived there via unpaid search results.

After our initial analysis, it was clear that the website was lacking in an SEO aspect. However, there was written content on every page so we were not starting from scratch, but rather improving and expanding upon the existing information. 

To encourage higher search engine rankings, we researched keywords that customers commonly search for. Then, we rewrote the website’s meta descriptions, title tags, alt tags, written content, and adjusted heading tags as needed. During the writing process, we added nearly 500 words to each page while incorporating our researched keywords. 

The keywords the website ranked for jumped from 1800 to 2900! While reviewing TRL’s Google Ads campaign, a group of keywords received a lot of clicks yet no response to our call to action strategy was observed. We optimized TRL’s blogs with the insertion of these keywords as well as turned off these keywords on their campaign. This improved the overall performance and conversion rate of the PPC program and 2 of the blogs even earned featured snippets in position 0 of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

Finally, we inserted high domain authority website outbound links to related TRL products and added detailed product and web appearance schema as a way to improve speed and performance. 

TRL’s  site now passes all core web tests, and the website has seen a 50% increase in organic traffic as well as an 18.4% increase in transactions from organic search all within 1 year.

Paid Digital Campaigns

TRL came to Boiling Point Media to streamline its PPC program approach. After much research and competitive analysis, the BPM team implemented a strategic marketing plan to capitalize on the low funnel audience on Google search. The digital team had to start off by going through an already existing account that was poorly managed and making a clean-up effort that involved hours of tedious scrutiny over existing data. This step also included reorganizing ad keywords into appropriate ad group sets that would best be aligned with how the website flows.

Once an optimal organization of the account was accomplished, the team put all their efforts into tracking and driving conversions from the ads. The numbers represented here show how The Autostop Eliminator was able to perform since we took over the account. Unfortunately due to prior mismanagment of the account, there were no competitive metrics to show our success over the last managers. Yet, bringing in almost 6,000 sales alone from this medium is something the client said he never had happen before.

You can put your trust in the BPM team when it comes to successfully taking over, cleaning up, optimizing, and managing PPC campaigns. Our expertise and systematic approach puts the success of your brand and/or product as our number one priority.



3D Modeling

TRL came to Boiling Point Media with their Autostop Eliminator product. It’s a small device that you can plug into your truck or SUV that stops your vehicle from shutting down the engine at a stoplight. Many people find this frustrating and don’t know what the feature is! The Boiling Point production team thought it would be a good idea to 3D model the product so it can be used for a multitude of applications. This way there is no need to worry about matching lights with product photography every time they create a new model. With 3D modeling you have complete control over lighting conditions and will always have as many products as needed that can be perfectly positioned to show your product exactly how you want.

Having the 3D object, it can be rendered to look both physically read and also to look like a blueprint or in-line art for instructions. Clarity is key when you’re making a product that involves instructions for usage. The Boiling Point team took each product and measured it down to the millimeter for complete accuracy. When we do digital product photography everything is perfectly to scale. If you need to remove or add any additional assets, it’s much easier and cost-effective than redoing a photo shoot in the traditional way.

MEdia Buying

As a national selling product with a specific target audience, we placed national media with NewsMax, Fox News, and One American News. Boiling Point Media took care of everything for this campaign from creating the TV spot to connecting with media reps, placing the media buy, and tracking the success to the best of our ability. With traditional TV, it’s often hard to track success, however, it is possible to track website visitors who arrived on the site from a TV ad. The campaign with Fox News reached 29,138,000 people in the United States. The other two media placements each reached 60,000 total. We were able to track people who saw the ad then went to the website and made a purchase.