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3D Character Creation and Animation

True Sky Credit Union needed a fresh and unique spokesperson for their company that was personable and bilingual. The task of finding a spokesperson can be daunting, with concerns of talent availability, the expense for talent, and sometimes their reliability. Meet Rosie!

Our creative and talented 3D animators created Rosie, a fully animated character. Always available and able to work in both animated and real environments. Rosie can replicate human emotions, lifelike in nature,  and interact with other humans or in her environment.

Boiling Point created content with Rosie that was informational, fun, and unique. She stood out from the crowd of other spokespersons and became a recognizable face with financial institutions.

Media and OTT Buying

True Sky Credit Union came to Boiling Point looking to exponentially grow its brand awareness and client base throughout the Oklahoma City Metro Area. The credit union partnered with us to run quarterly ads on local TV stations such as NBC, CBS, and Fox affiliates through effective placement of OTT and connected TV.

Our goal was to increase awareness among target consumers and to identify and reach potential new credit union account prospects.  We targeted neighborhoods within a 25-mile radius of each of their 13 branch locations in Oklahoma City and surrounding cities. Over 119,000 impressions were seen through strategically targeted messaging to specific platforms, and we could see that 99% of those impressions were being shown to the targeted audience.

Together, we built a loyal audience around a clear brand identity, resonating with customers on an emotional and self-expressive level, helping make True Sky Credit Union a credit union that is open for business.

Buying ad space & airtime can be daunting and who to contact and why to contact them is equally important. We conducted exploratory research to deeply understand what drives and motivates key customers to invest decisions and emotional connections to the financial industry.

Our insights identified opportunistic audiences, through local stations, radio, and billboards. All of these serve as the foundation for all creative and messaging strategies as well as our media recommendations.



graphic design

Paid Digital Campaign

True Sky Credit Union came to Boiling Point Media with no presence of Paid Digital campaigns. Their visibility and reach were non-existent.  Our challenge was to create digital campaigns that exceeded their competition.

We focused on narrowing the credit union’s efforts to reach those interested in the variety of products they offered, as well as those who would most likely need these products and financial services The target audience was specific but far-reaching to potential clients.

Ad messaging was aimed to sell financial services and explain why these services and products are so important to the consumer. Campaign themes, “More than a Credit Union” and “Bigger Better,” played into True Sky Credit Union’s importance in the Oklahoma City metro area.

Since teaming up with Boiling Point Media, True Sky Credit Union’s results have shattered sales records and helped bring millions of dollars to the credit union.

Search Engine Management

In order to improve True Sky’s ranking on search engines and improve conversion rates, we updated content and improved overall site health through on-page and technical optimization. We ran content, competitor, and SERP audits to identify potential queries used by clients to find True Sky Credit Union’s financial services and products. We  then updated the content to ensure it matched these findings.

We focused on promoting the brand’s messaging during our campaign. We built out the “About” page and membership eligibility information with quality content covering the company’s experience in the financial institution field.

Boiling Point’s copywriting team updated content across the site based on extensive keyword and search intent research. We also followed web design best practices to create new sections of the website that lent to optimizing the conversion funnel. Best practices include using consistent brand colors, improving the visual hierarchy to lead users through content to the CTA, making the CTAs clear and eye-catching, simplifying navigation, and improving readability.

We used visitor tracking tools to monitor behavior on the site and strategically placed lead forms on each service page. This achieved a reduction of users dropping off between the service and contact forms.


Overall Visibility Increase

Social Media Management &
Public Relations

True Sky wanted to use social media as a gateway for more website traffic, our approach was simple. The first thing we wanted to do was create engagement and buzz around the company. As important as social media engagement is, we had to keep our bigger mission of website traffic in-mind.

We strategically planned out and created content far in advance that was eye-catching while pushing a “promotional” call-to-action aspect as well. This type of strategy can easily have a negative impact on the business’ social media if done poorly, so to ensure that did not happen, we created a fun and engaging way to capture the viewers’ attention through “Member Monday” posts. This was a contest to encourage organic involvement while also giving members a good view of all that True Sky Credit Union has to offer.

Event Planning

From Grand Openings to golf tournaments and everything in between. True Sky Credit Union loves to be a part of the community and give back financially and educationally. We were challenged with production, event management, public awareness, and attendance. Each of these events allowed us to combine our strengths as an agency and deliver memorable events in an impactful way to our client and the community.

The grand openings, cookouts, golf tournaments, & luncheons were a huge success. Our team enjoyed our collaboration with True Sky to produce flawless events. From on-site management, registration, event decor, and event attractions. Boiling Point was able to execute events that will never be forgotten.