Cash Rebate Filming Incentive In Oklahoma – Post Production Opportunities

by | Nov 5, 2021 | Film

Oklahoma Is Ready For Filming

On May 21, 2021, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed the ‘Filmed in Oklahoma Act of 2021’ (OK SB608) to replace the state’s prior film incentive program known as the ‘Compete with Canada Act.’ This established the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program. The new act offers a base rebate of 20% to qualifying film and television productions working in Oklahoma, in addition to uplifts for filming in rural counties, qualified soundstages, post-production, and television pilots or seasons. There is a minimum budget of at least $50,000 to qualify. The new act also increases the state’s annual funding from $8 million to $30 million (ending on July 1, 2027).


Incentive To Film

As conversations are had, one product of this new act seems to be the most-talked-about: the revised incentives created by this act allow Oklahoma’s film industry to retain its current production clientele while allowing room for growth from attracting higher impact studios to the state. Despite the global pandemic that has hit from early 2020 to now, Oklahoma’s motion picture and sound recording industries were named essential businesses and have actually picked up more filming business than before. 

Executive Director of Commerce, Brent Kisling, expresses his excitement with the new program: “The film rebate program is another tool for us to use in our economic development efforts, helping us to diversify our state’s economy and bring more jobs and investment to the state.” Boiling Point Media itself is currently working on seven film projects all due and delivered by March of 2022.


Oklahoma Leading The Way For Filming Opportunities

Oklahoma has been a trailblazer in the filming industry when it established the ‘Compete with Canada Act’ in 2001. 38 states in the United States and numerous other countries followed suit shortly after so when the ‘Filmed in Oklahoma Act of 2021’ was established, they set the bar high once again with the most competitive film and television recruitment to date. This provides the most return on benefits to the state in the industry’s workforce, infrastructure, education, and community. Several of our partners and collaborators in the film industry such as Castle Row, Thunderbird Films, Winter Star Productions, and Freestyle Creative have sought out Boiling Point Media’s post production services which includes post editing, color, visual effects, animation and more. The application to apply for the tax incentive is available on the Oklahoma Film + Music Office website.


Boiling Point Media Has Post Production Opportunities

As the filming industry continues to thrive and grow, Boiling Point Media has plans to continue the Post Production growth by introducing an internship to apprenticeship program for those seeking industry experience within post production in Oklahoma. Visit our website to see all opportunities available.

With international distribution of Boiling Point Media’s work, Boiling Point Media has a special knack for character and creature animation, smoke, fire and explosions as well as lighting, compositing and features an in house rendering system. These visual effects (VFX) have transformed the movies we worked on into works of art. As far as new technology in film production, Boiling Point’s Ryan Bellgardt is on the cusp of new technology in the Virtual Production realm utilizing Unreal Engine. Oklahoma is the new Hollywood – post 1916 – and pre roaring 20s at it’s finest. Inclusion, diversity welcomed, fun and friendly Oklahomans, and a varied landscape – filming in Oklahoma is the new frontier. Come be a part of it. Learn how you can get connected with Boiling Point Media and post production.


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