Learn VFX, Animation & Virtual Production from Top Local Talent!

Visual VFX, Animation & Virtual Production Camp

Boiling Point Media is proud to host our 1st ever annual Film Camp. Join BPM instructors for a highly-skilled packed week of production and fun, and create a virtual production shoot in just one week!

Where: Boiling Point Media – 7801 N. Robinson Ave J-11, OKC, OK 73116
Date:  July 10, 2023 – July 14, 2023
Time: 9am – 4pm
Cost: $485/student  ($200 nonrefundable deposit required)

Campers will spend an entire week with Boiling Point Media and industry professionals. They will write, produce, act and direct a virtual production short film under Emmy Award winning staff members and celebrate with a watch party at the end of the week with friends and family.

Here’s how the week will look


Monday will be full of ice breakers, role explanations, and script writing. The team will take the time to get to know each attendee well – learning their strengths to help them move forward in the industry. As they do strategic icebreakers, they will get to know what makes their creativity grow. They’ll move into role explanations – making sure everyone understands how each role helps create the end product. Then comes the fun part – script writing. As they create a whole story in their head – our Emmy award winning team will help them put it on paper – showcasing the team’s collaborative efforts and creative ideas. They then come together to present their ideas – deciding on who’s script will be put into action. Ready. Set. Action.


Tuesday and Wednesday will be the start of the onsite production. Role assignments (remember those ice breakers – we assess who will work best in what role), script production, and actual shooting on set. Experience light set up, audio adjustments, what to do if something breaks, LED XR adjustments – directed all by you. Experience on the fly decisions, techniques learned only on the job, and a bunch of fun.


Thursday will be a packed day of learning the post production process. The teams will break away on a rotation learning different segments of post from editing, color, post audio, visual effects, and animation while their short film is being edited by the Emmy award winning team.


Friday will consist of the finishing touches as we prepare for the showcase premier. The crew will analyze their favorite parts of the week and roles they played. Open dialogue and discussion about where their strengths are as well as review potential opportunities in their film future. At the end of the day, the team will be taking the day in with a post production wrap party that will include a photoshoot, red carpet premiere for friends and family to view the short film.



Guiding you through the basics of filmmaking.

Pre Production


Post Production

Virtual Production

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