Post Production, Meet Production

Boiling Point Media is at the forefront of adopting virtual production, achieving in-camera visual effects like never before. Experience live shoots on our LED virtual production studio and see actors interacting with photorealistic virtual environments in real time.

The future of
filmmaking is here

Virtual Production Studios by Boiling Point Media

  • A place where physical and virtual worlds are blended together in a live production environment using in-camera visual effects with Boiling Point Media’s Studios LED volume stage wall and cutting-edge technology.
  • Boiling Point Media uses live virtual camera trackers that allow for dynamic movement and seamless integration between the real world actors and the virtual environment making BPM an ideal platform for filmmakers, directory, producers and creative to shoot in-camera VFX that’s revolutionizing the film industry.
  • Located in the central midwest and Oklahoma’s Film Rebate, Boiling Point Media’s stages are ideal for everything from virtual production, TV commercials, music videos and more.