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by | Nov 16, 2021 | marketing blogs

The world and how we operate has changed dramatically in the past couple of years. The global pandemic has forced many employers to shut down operations and put many out of work. In Oklahoma alone, we saw the unemployment rate peak at an astonishing 13% during the pandemic. Well Oklahoma, it’s time to get back to business and we can help! At Boiling Point Media, we make your business our business and we will help you find the right new hires to meet your needs.

To the business owners: you have gone through so much adversity and yet, you persevered. Your drive for success and vision of the future has gotten your organization through the tough times and now it’s time to build and grow again. Be the employer that has to start turning away qualified candidates because the applications will not stop rolling in! To start, here are a few tips from the experts on how to reach the right hires for you.


4 Tips To Attract The Right Candidates For New Hires


Be Visible

The candidates you are looking for are out there, you just need to make your company visible to them. The future is online and the innovators you want in your organization are there as well. 

Keeping a strong digital presence will help to reach a much wider pool of candidates than using traditional methods, like newspaper ads. Social media platforms are a great way to show that your company is growing and needing people like them to grow with. 

Additionally, job hiring platforms have the ability to target specific job seekers and can be a great resource. While these methods are great and you may believe that just anyone can operate these tools effectively, you’d be wrong. It takes a well planned strategy that presents your organization as the place to work for 2022.


Be Strategic 

A good communication strategy is key to any message. You need to understand who you are wanting to hear your message, where are they at, what time are they there, and so much more if you want to attract the right new hires.

Having a good strategy is more than about writing a good recruitment ad. It’s about the execution of your message also and optimizing how you want your audience to respond. Without a good strategy, you could be throwing ad dollars down the drain. Take advantage of your situation and implement a strong strategy that will set your company apart from all others.


Build A Strong Message

As the face of your company, potential candidates want to know who they will be working for. It’s important that your message, no matter the format, conveys who you are and shows how personable you are. It may seem hard to do that with limits with characters on posts, broadcast times, etc. Yet, the tone you set in your message will help your company stand out from the crowd when aiming for the best candidates. 

Before you put a message out there for your potential new hires to see, you need to ensure the quality of the message. Have someone else proof the quality of the message and look for a tone that conveys urgency and action, as well as common grammatical errors. A strong message will help deliver the resumes into your inbox and your job positions filled. 


Think About New Hires That Are Bilingual 

Acquiring a bilingual hire is a huge score for any business. It now opens your customer base to a previously untapped market. Be the innovative organization you were meant to be by diversifying your employee pool with recruitment messages that target other language speakers for new hires. 

Boiling Point Media has been working with local businesses for years to target Spanish speaking job seekers and getting them hired. Find everything from the hardest working laborers to the most dedicated office workers who can broaden not just your market reach, but broaden your culture as well.


Boiling Point Media Can Help You Find New Hires

Boiling Point Media is the premier marketing agency in Oklahoma who has been helping companies like yours for over 10 years. We know what it takes to build a company full of valuable individuals who will take your business to the next level, because we built ours that way. It is our mission to provide you with imaginative thinking so that we can find the perfect employee candidates for you. 

We will use our combined talents of creative media production, social media management, media strategizing, and much more to make you more visible to potential hires! Call us today to find out how cost effective advertising your job positions is and how we can partner with you to take your company to the next level. 


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