Oklahoma’s Selling Sunsets

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Film

A lot of changes and improvements have been happening all over the state of Oklahoma, but one in particular has us jumping with excitement! The new Oklahoma Film Incentive is the gateway to Hollywood’s home away from home and to a major economic boost for the Sooner state. 


What Exactly is the Oklahoma Film Incentive? 

The Oklahoma Film Incentive is a program that offers some pretty great perks when it comes to TV and Film production. With rebate offers of up to 38 percent on money spent in Oklahoma, it’s too good to pass up. This incentive will draw filmmakers into the state and has actually already begun to do so. There are already more than 50 productions that have applied to film and produce films in the state of Oklahoma due to this incentive.

The perks of this incentive don’t stop there though. There are also opportunities for boosts apart from the rebate. This means that productions can increase their rebate percent or receive a bonus if they choose more long term productions. For example, if productions decide to film in rural Oklahoma, in a soundstage, and/or decide to do post production work in the state, they can receive a boost. There is a 2 percent bonus for TV pilots, a 5 percent bonus for a full TV series season, and also another 5 percent boost for companies that commit to filming at least three films in the state in three years. 


Major Economy Boost

With this incentive in play, the Sooner state is in for a major economic boost. This opens the door for several new jobs, as well as brings in loads of new money. Filming in the state also naturally markets Oklahoma itself, which will in turn bring in more people, tourists, revenue, etc. The state is still trying to work out all the kinks and settle on all of the rules but so far things are looking great and the future is very bright. Oklahoma can potentially become a new Hollywood and/or home to classic blockbusters. 


Why Oklahoma?

So why Oklahoma? Great question! When thinking about a new home for filmmaking, Oklahoma isn’t the first state that comes to mind, but we are here for it! And you wouldn’t believe what first caught the eyes of many. . .

SUNSETS! Yes! Oklahoma’s breathtaking sunsets! 

A lot of Indie film makers in the past have traveled to Oklahoma specifically for its beautiful sunsets. This has attracted many filmmakers and really has caught the eyes of many. I’d call that a “selling sunset” if I’ve ever seen one! On top of the sunsets, the upcoming $200 million film by Martin Scorsese called “Killers of the Flower Moon,” has also caught the attention of many people and drawn them to the great state of Oklahoma. 

It’s so exciting to welcome in many new filmmakers and productions into the state and here at Boiling Point Media, we are ecstatic for all the new potential opportunities. With all the new work rolling into town, there is lots of potential for new clients and opportunities for us. We are excited to continue to use our skills and very talented team to help others bring their vision to life through TV and Film production.  Boiling Point Media’s owner and director Ryan Bellgardt says, “We are appreciative of all the new opportunities and look forward to working with new clients.” 

Boiling Point Media is located in the heart of Oklahoma and we are known for being a full-service advertising, marketing, and production agency in addition to producing movies, music videos, & animations. We have talented team members with all kinds of skills including, special media management, branding and creative specialties, digital marketing, VFX animation, production work, strategic planning, traditional marketing, and we also work with government nonprofits. We pride ourselves in our creativity, innovation, and inclusivity.


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