Brand Standards | Style Guides : : 

When it comes to branding, consistency is king. But how do you create brand consistency when your company has multiple departments, partners and agencies producing your content? How can you quickly communicate your brand requirements as you grow your business?

The answer is brand standards and a brand style guide.

A brand style guide is a book of specifications on everything that contributes to the style and personality of your brand–everything from logos and images to typography and colors. Your brand style guide communicates exactly how to present your brand content.

What to expect from our brand standards services : :

At Boiling Point Media, we will help you create a thorough style guide for your current brand. We ensure that your brand standards accurately represent your company and will serve to achieve your business goals. If your company is still in the process of developing a brand, see our brand development services. Your brand style guide will include the following:

–      Brand story

–      Logo guidelines

–      Custom color palette

–      Typography

–      Brand voice

–      Image and data visualization guidelines

Customizing a brand and sending a cohesive brand message can be overwhelming. We make brand consistency and coherency simple with our brand style guides! If you are looking to build brand standards and a brand style guide for your company or if you need to update your organization’s current brand standards, contact us today to learn more about how we can help build your brand standards.


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