Guide For The Post Production Process: From Raw Footage to The Final Cut

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Film

  • Post production is the process where all raw footage is transformed into a cohesive story, and eventually the final product.
  • The five steps of post production are post production editing, music, visual effects, color grading, and producing a trailer. 
  • Boiling Point Media is a full service post production company that has experience in everything post production.


After the lights, camera, and action come to a close, Post Production is the magic that turns raw film into an enjoyable movie. Learn about the post production process & steps needed to create a well designed movie!


What is Post Production?

Post-production editing is the stage where all the raw footage is transformed into a cohesive story. The Post Production process includes sound editing, visual effects, and color grading. Sound editing ensures clear and consistent audio, while visual effects bring the director’s vision to life. Color grading adjusts colors to create a consistent look and feel throughout the film as well as create the emotions associated with the different scenes. Post-production editing is crucial in bringing a film to life and requires a skilled team to perfect every detail. When Post Production is done correctly a good movie can turn into a masterpiece!


Pre-Production & Production Phases

What are the steps before Post Production editing you may ask? Well, it starts with the pre-production which is a critical phase that establishes a film’s foundation. A big portion of a successful pre-production involves researching, casting, and location scouting. By taking the time to prepare, the production team can avoid costly mistakes and ensure they have the resources they need. Casting is essential to finding the right actors for each role, and location scouting can make or break a film. A strong pre-production process is crucial to the success of a film and sets the stage for a smooth and successful film post-production.


Film Post Production Process In 5 Steps

During film post production process, the director needs to communicate their vision, tone, style, and pacing to the editor. Once the director has provided direction, the editor can begin assembling a cut of the movie. The editor should have the freedom to work independently and bring their expertise to the project. Communication between the director and editor is essential to ensure that the final product reflects the director’s vision while also benefiting from the editor’s skill and creativity. Let’s break down the steps within a Post Production Process.


1. Post Production Editing

The post production process starts with the edit suite which serves as the command center during post production. Raw footage is transferred to an editing system, such as Aximmetry or Final Cut Pro. The editor begins cutting the movie while being guided by the director’s vision. Sound editing is also a crucial part of post production, and some might argue that it is just as important as the picture in creating an immersive experience for the audience. Sound editors assemble the audio tracks of a film, removing unwanted noise and creating sound effects that match the film’s tone. Foley artists (sound artists) are responsible for creating or enhancing certain sounds like the echo of someone yelling in a cave. 

2. Music

Having original music scores is a critical component of post production process emphasizing the mood and action of each scene. Like Hans Zimmer’s composition of the Interstellar playlist, the audience is taken on a journey through the music. A good soundtrack adds feeling to a movie by taking the audience through the trials and tribulations that the characters are experiencing in real time. 

3. Visual Effects (VFX)

With advances in technology, visual effects have become mandatory in effective film post production. Visual effects team uses computer-generated imagery (CGI), animations, and other tools to create elements that cannot be achieved during filming. These steps in the post production process can include anything from adding explosions and fantastical creatures to removing unwanted objects or backgrounds from a scene. Visual effects are used to enhance the visual experience of the film and bring the director’s vision to life. Post production editing artists work closely with the director and editor to ensure that the visual effects are seamless and integrated into the film’s narrative. 

4. Color Correction & Graphics

To enhance the visual quality of films, color correction and graphics are crucial steps in the post production process. After filming and majority of the post production editing is complete, a colorist steps in to digitally refine the hues and lighting to create continuity throughout the film. This can be an intricate part of the post production steps, as every shot is carefully evaluated to ensure that the final product is visually seamless. Final graphics can also be created including titles, credits, and date stamps. These simple graphics can help set the tone for the film and provide important context to the audience.

5. Trailer

The final step in the post production process consists of a full team collaboration on the trailer for the movie. Editors must work to select the most compelling footage from the film and connect it in a way that tells a story and builds anticipation. Sound designers add music and sound effects to heighten the emotional impact of the trailer, while marketers ensure that the trailer is targeted to the right audience and reaches as many people as possible. Creating a successful trailer is no easy feat, but it can be a powerful marketing tool for a film. A well-crafted trailer can generate buzz and excitement, and it can make the difference between a movie that fades into limbo, or one that becomes a cultural phenomenon. With the right approach, filmmakers can create a trailer that captivates audiences and completes the film post production process.


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