New Virtual Production Studio Comes to Life at Boiling Point

Boiling Point Media has a brand new Volume Virtual Production wall! The team at Boiling Point is looking to expand their minds beyond the confines of the traditional green screen and move into the future!

What started out as a vision for Ryan Bellgardt, Creative Director and Partner at Boiling Point Media, became a reality through hard work and dedication. After watching “The Mandalorian” on Disney+, Ryan began experimenting with combinations of tech. Pulling aspects from game software, camera work, and even a VR headset!

 This new virtual studio acts as a proper setting for actors by placing them in the scene, not just adding it in post-production later. “We’re able to put actors in a virtual environment. Then it appears on screen like they’re actually in that world. It’s pretty cool.” Bellgardt says. 

 This tech has already been used for a movie called “Jurassic Pet 2”. “One of the things we wanted to accomplish with this was to be able to provide this tech to film makers that might not have these giant, Hollywood budgets.” continues Bellgardt.