So, you just completed a marketing campaign. Maybe you saw more customers come in the door or increased traffic to your website. The question becomes, how effective was your marketing campaign?Especially with digital marketing, analytics and review of your campaign will provide the necessary information to tell if your campaign was truly a success as well as show you where there is room for improvement.

Analytics in advertising is the compiled data from your marketing campaign, separated into different metrics, that show how people interacted with your advertisement. Depending on the marketing medium, there will be different sets of metrics, also called key performance indicators (KPI’s). When advertising analytics are set up properly, future advertising campaigns are even more effective and current campaigns can be adjusted for greater success.


When we assist you with your marketing campaign, we will also setup analytics based upon the goals of the campaign. Instead of overwhelming our clients with information that makes no sense to them, we compile all of our data from our reports into visually easy-to-read presentations. Complete transparency is our goal & we want to ensure our clients we are doing our part to make their advertising and marketing strategies work for them. Our reporting will include:


  • Complete transparency into your campaign
  • Relevant KPI’s
  • Timely campaign data
  • Ongoing evaluation & adjustments
  • Regular meetings and reports
  • Open lines of communication



What is media spend?

A media spend represents the amount of money a business spends on advertising. This includes all forms of advertising such as content marketing, SEO, television, billboards, trade shows, and much more.

What is media spend analysis?

A media spend analysis is the complete analysis of where all of the advertising and marketing dollars are being spent compared to the results of the advertising mediums as well as return on investment

What is CPM?

CPM is the abbreviation for Cost Per Thousand and utilizes the roman number M for 1000. CPM is used for determining the amount of money spent per 1000 people. This form of measurement has become the standard in determining large volume pricing

How do you do a spend analysis?

To perform a proper media spend analysis, the following steps should be followed:


  • Pinpoint – find all places that marketing dollars are being spent
  • Purify – ensure data is good data
  • Categorize – place data into different groups identifying purpose
  • Analyze – review data for effectiveness and overspenditures
  • Repeat – a few times a year to make sure spending is under control
Why is spend analysis important?

Spend analysis is important because you are not in the business of overpaying for your marketing efforts. Spend analysis provides insight & knowledge into your organization’s advertising expenditures and their overall effectiveness while identifying areas for cost reduction and improvement.

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