Rumor has it that Oklahoma City is the next Hollywood –”Hollywood on the Prairie”. Here at Boiling Point Media, we knew that Oklahoma City has a lot of potential for the film industry, that’s why we have been providing post production services, visual effects and other filming services for over a decade! News that Oklahoma is the new place to film was really hyped up back in 2021 when Oklahoma introduced the Filmed in Oklahoma City Act of 2021. In this blog we discuss what the OKC Film Rebate is, how to qualify, and why you should choose Boiling Point Media to produce your next project. 


What is the Filmed in Oklahoma City Act of 2021?

The Filmed in Oklahoma City Act of 2021 was created on behalf of Oklahoma being “the land of filming opportunities” which benefits production companies right here in Oklahoma. With diverse landscapes, central location, professional workforces, and the low costs of living, Oklahoma is the perfect  partner for the future of film. The Filmed in Oklahoma City Act of 2021 is a newer version of the Compete with Canada Act which is a rebate program that’s no longer available. Essentially, the OKC Film Rebate is the Act that says productions filmed in Oklahoma can receive a cash rebate up to 38%, or a 20% base with uplifts for increasing the amount of work done in Oklahoma. 


How to Qualify for the OKC Film Rebate

There are a number of ways you can qualify for the OKC Film Rebate. Below we have listed a few ways how you can qualify for the OKC Film Rebate and you can find the full list of program criteria and qualifications, on the Oklahoma Film + Music website. 


  • If you have complete funding in place
  • Number of places filmed in Oklahoma
  • If you use an iconic Oklahoma location
  • If you have a distributor in place
  • If you’re working with Oklahoma businesses
  • If you use drones in your production
  • If the project is specifically scripted for Oklahoma 



According to the Oklahoma Film and Music website where you can apply for a rebate, available uplifts include: 


  • 20% Base Incentive
  • 3% Rural County Uplift
    • 25% filmed on location in a county less than 250,000 people: 3% uplift
    • *NOTE: For your days to count as being filmed in a rural county, you must be filming on location, excluding soundstage production, in a rural county.
  • 2% Small Municipality Uplift*
    • 25% filmed on location in a municipality less than 13,000 people: 2% uplift
    • *NOTE: For your days to count as being filmed in a rural municipality, you must be filming on location, excluding soundstage production, in a rural municipality.
  • 5% Soundstage Uplift
    • 25% filmed at a certified soundstage facility: 5% uplift*
    • *In order to meet either of the certified soundstage uplifts, 1% of direct expenditures must be spent at the soundstage in addition to meeting the minimum filming percentage threshold.
  • 2% / 5% TV Uplift
    • 2% for a pilot or 5% for a season
    • If a pilot is part of a multi-film deal, the project can qualify for the multi-film 5%, but cannot also receive the pilot 2%
  • 5% Multi-Film Deal Uplift
    • 5% if multi-film deal
  • 3% Post-Production Uplift
    • If at least 3% of qualified expenditures spent on Oklahoma post-production: 3% uplift


Boiling Point Media’s 3% Post-Production Uplift Rebate

Boiling Point Media, located in the heart of OKC and Oklahoma Film Rebate areas, our stage is ideal for everything from virtual production and TV commercials to music videos and more. We use live virtual camera trackers which allow for dynamic movement and seamless integrations. You won’t be able to tell the difference between real world actors and the virtual environment. This technology alone makes Boiling Point Media an ideal platform for filmmakers, directors, and producers to shoot in-camera VFX that’s revolutionizing the film industry. We have recently added to our long list of services and products that include an LED wall and unreal engine environment design. With all of that being said, we are grateful to accept a 3% Post-Production Uplift rebate through OKC Film Rebates. We are ecstatic that all our hard work and determination in helping to make Oklahoma City the next Hollywood has seemed to “pay off”. We have new equipment, tons of exciting ideas and a drive to help your vision come to life.


Unreal Engine Environment Design

Unreal Engine is a software in which we use to create realistic virtual environments in our productions. It is currently used mostly in video game productions but make no mistake about its benefits in using Unreal Engine environment designs in movies, and other, bigger productions. Unreal Engine environment design provides interactive experiences and allows the viewer to be immersed into virtual worlds. It is said to be “The most powerful real-time 3D creation tool.”


LED Wall

LED walls are essentially huge video walls that can display sharp and bright images. LED walls produce their own lighting rather than having to rely on backlit images, this allows  LED walls to produce the crisp images that you can see in films like Avatar and shows like The Mandalorian. 


Produce a Film with Boiling Point Media

Like we mentioned in the beginning, Boiling Point Media has been at the top of our game when it comes to successfully creating and producing films in Oklahoma City. The OKC Film Rebate is definitely something you’ll want to take advantage of and Boiling Point Media is here, ready to assist you. Make sure to visit our website to see all the new and upcoming films we are producing as well as to see our adorable characters. Boiling Point Media is a full-service post production, visual effects, and full virtual production studio, and we would love to work with you. If you are interested in how to take advantage of Boiling Point Media’s 3% Uplift OKC Film Rebate, then send us an email, chat with us online, stop by in person, or give us a call. We look forward to helping you and your business reach its boiling point.    






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