“Who run the world?” 


(Little louder in the back now!)

There is a serious lack of female presence in the entertainment industry and the world of Animation is no exception. Here at Boiling Point, we’re proud to boast 2 amazing Female VFX editing artists. And no, not BECAUSE they’re female, (Derek), because they were the best damn people for the job! These girls are INSANELY talented.


Our Senior animator and character artist, Stephanie Bellgardt, was awestruck by Dreamwork’s “How to Train Your Dragon”, and decided this was her… Dream Work. (I’ll see myself out.)

Stephanie has been studying and pursuing the craft since the inspiration began. Good thing she turned out to be the PERFECT fit for this career! The girl was a natural from the beginning and we couldn’t be more grateful that she chose to share her gifts, vision and creativity with us. As an actor myself, my favorite part of our little interview was this proFOUND statement,

My favorite thing about special effects is that I get to be an ‘actor’ from behind the camera. Our virtual actors need to feel just as alive and engaging as the real actors they share the screen with. I love the opportunity to make creative decisions about how I will use a character’s motion and gestures to convey his/her personality and inner thoughts to the audience.”

I think most people forget that animators have to have the same instincts and insights as actors, if not MORE so. They have to understand the ins and outs of emotion and expression to build realistic life and identity from scratch. I at least just breathe and react most of the time without thinking about it. Who took my inhaler!? …Maybe I should think about it. 


Laurel is still in college but you’d never know it looking at her work since she’s been digitally animating since she was a wee lass. Ahhh… the software today’s kids have at their fingertips.

I feel as if I am bringing life to the inanimate.”

Home girl, you’re making all our childhood imaginary friends a REALITY! Well… a virtual reality. Sometimes, they’re so realistic, I still have to remind myself they’re not really there. Wait, is that a problem? Am I ok? Just keep this between us so it doesn’t go public in an emailed newsletter or something. That’d be embarrassing!

At Boiling Point, our team of animators are given the opportunity to grow and expand their skills — to work beyond their specialties. Whether it be as a concept artist, modeler, animator, lighter or compositor, we love a challenge and rise to the occasion. 

“It’s a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and discover what else I love about working in CGI. My goal is to continue improving my skill set and to create assets that look as real and convincing as possible to our audiences. With every year and every film, I learn something new that puts me one step closer.” -Stephanie Bellgardt.

Regardless of how you imagine it all, your movie and special effects are important to us at BPM. When you come to our studio, we offer nothing but the best visual effects using the revolutionary Unity Engine and an advanced studio equipped with all the tech you could possibly need! Are you ready to take your CGI and VFX editing to the next level?

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Written by: Boiling Point Media Team