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by | Aug 17, 2022 | marketing blogs

  • Boiling Point Media now offers Amazon Ads services.
  • The different types of Amazon Ads include sponsored, headline search, native, product display, videos, and stores.
  • Boiling Point Media is a full service marketing agency that has experience with Amazon Ads.


At Boiling Point Media, we are not only known for our successful film production and animation projects, but also our full service advertising and marketing services. We are excited to announce that along with social media management, branding and creative campaigns, VFX animation, digital marketing services, we are now adding Amazon Ads to our digital pay per click marketing programs for your business! Connect with your customers and grow your business with our many digital marketing services such as email and social media marketing, web design, search engine optimization, pay per click on search engines, and more!


6 Types of Amazon Ads

Using category-specific targeting, we can drive potential customers to your product(s) detail pages, where they will see accurate and descriptive titles, enticing descriptions, and high-quality images with relevant product information. Now, let’s get into the specifics of Amazon’s advertising suite!


1. Amazon Sponsored Ads

We’ve all seen them, and they’re definitely helpful! This ad works by throwing out a keyword-targeted display ad of a product before the “normal” search results that said product would typically pull onto the search results page. This can be achieved three ways. Broad keywords can include searches with words on either end of your targeted keywords. Phrase keywords focus on the structure of the search which has a more specific lead. Last, exact keywords are even more specific. Say your business sells laptop cases, you can target an ad for “laptop cases,” but your product would not show up if a customer searched for “leather laptop cases.


2. Amazon Headline Search Ads

Also known as Sponsored Brand Campaigns, this type of ad allows your business to promote keyword-targeted ads of your products alongside, above, and below search results. Again, we have three types of keywords for you to choose from. Branded product keywords are a mix of your brand name and a product that you offer. Complimentary product keywords are, just how it sounds, essentially products that drive up each other’s sales, like shoes and socks. Sponsored products automatic targeting keywords are searches that you’ve had success with in the past that run automatically. These go a bit more in depth. In your ads you can feature 3 of your products, tailor your images, headline and landing page, and we can even test these elements to see which get the best results. Plus, Amazon’s automated system is smart, your business will never pay more than you bid per-click!


3. Amazon Product Display Ads

This type is, again, a pay-per-click ad that shows up on below search results, on product detail pages, on the top of the offer listing page, or next to the customer review page, and in follow-up and product recommendation emails. There are two types of ads to choose from with this Amazon feature. Product targeting is a more contextual form of ad targeting that groups in your product with similar products and categories. Interest targeting leans more on behavioral targeting. This allows your business to hone in on a specific shopper interest while reaching a much broader audience simultaneously.


4. Amazon Native Ads

This type of ad is something that your company can place on their own website! Similar to a call-to-action, clicking on this ad would lead them directly to Amazon for purchase, sweet! There are three types of ads within native ads: recommended ads, search ads, and custom ads.


5. Amazon Video Ads

Video ads are ads that you can place on all Amazon-owned sites like, of course Amazon, but also IMDB, Amazon devices and technology like Fire TV, as well as various other Amazon associated media across the web. Additionally, a company does not have to sell a product on amazon to advertise with this method, which is a perk if your company sells a service, or items not able to be sold on amazon, like a car.


6. Amazon Stores

Creating an Amazon store is free! Once we do so for your line of products, we can again use targeted keywords that have converted to sales and apply analytics tools to recognize top performing products (which can tell us what to advertise for you)! Your store’s landing page would have professional photos that showcase your products with clear captions and pricing.


Advertise On Amazon With Boiling Point Media

Boiling Point is ready and excited to take your business into the world of Amazon ads! Aside from advertising, we offer numerous other services like custom jingles, transparent reporting, visual production, and more! To see what other advertising services we offer, feel free to explore our website. You can also call, email, or come see us with any business inquiries, we are happy to optimize and enhance your business!






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