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by | Jun 12, 2023 | Film

  • Boiling Point Media now has an LED Volume Wall that’s ready to be rented out and create movies.
  • The LED Volume Wall first creates a 3D digital environment, the panels are then synced with a camera tracking system, offering real-time computer-generated imagery.
  • An LED Volume Wall allows for realistic environments, lighting and reflections, and it’s cost/time efficient.


In the realm of modern filmmaking, technology continues to push creative boundaries and enhance the immersive experience for audiences. One such innovation is the LED Volume Wall, a revolutionary tool that has transformed the way movies are made. Boiling Point Media has an LED Volume Wall right here in our post production studio. 


LED Volume Wall at Boiling Point Media

Boiling Point Media has a brand new LED Volume Virtual Production wall! The team at Boiling Point is looking to expand their minds beyond the confines of the traditional green screen and move into the future! What started out as a vision for Ryan Bellgardt, Creative Director and Partner at Boiling Point Media, became a reality through hard work and dedication. After watching “The Mandalorian” on Disney+, Ryan began experimenting with combinations of tech. Pulling aspects from game software, camera work, and even a VR headset!


This new virtual studio acts as a proper setting for actors by placing them in the scene, not just adding it in post-production later. “We’re able to put actors in a virtual environment,” said Bellgardt. “Then it appears on screen like they’re actually in that world. It’s pretty cool. One of the things we wanted to accomplish with this was to be able to provide this tech to film makers that might not have these giant, Hollywood budgets.”  This tech has already been used for a movie called “Jurassic Pet 2”.


What is an LED Volume Wall?

The LED Volume Wall, also known as an LED virtual production stage, is a large-scale display composed of high-resolution LED panels arranged to form a curved or flat surface. This cutting-edge technology combines LED screens, advanced tracking systems, and real-time rendering software to create realistic, dynamic, and interactive virtual environments.


How Does the LED Volume Wall Work? 

The LED Volume Wall operates by utilizing a combination of components and techniques. It begins with the creation of a three-dimensional digital environment, which is often referred to as a virtual set. The LED panels, covering the entire wall, act as a backdrop for the scene. The panels are then synced with a camera tracking system, allowing for precise camera movement and perspective changes. Real-time rendering software generates computer-generated imagery (CGI) based on the camera’s position and angle. The CGI is projected onto the LED panels, instantly transforming the stage into a lifelike setting. By using this technology, filmmakers can capture scenes in a controlled environment while visualizing the virtual elements in real time.


Versatile Applications 

The LED Volume Wall has revolutionized the filmmaking industry by offering unparalleled versatility. Its applications extend far beyond traditional green screen techniques, providing filmmakers with an immersive and interactive shooting experience. Some of the prominent uses of LED Volume Walls include:

Realistic Environments

LED Volume Walls allow for the creation of hyper-realistic backgrounds, landscapes, and cityscapes. Filmmakers can transport their actors into any imaginable setting without leaving the controlled environment of the studio.


Cost and Time Efficiency

LED Volume Walls streamline the production process by reducing the need for location shooting and extensive post-production work. This translates into cost savings and faster turnarounds.


Lighting and Reflections

The LED panels emit light that interacts with the actors and props, providing realistic lighting and reflections. This integration ensures cohesive visual effects and minimizes the need for post-production adjustments.


Movies Utilizing LED Volume Walls 

Numerous films have embraced the capabilities of LED Volume Walls, elevating their visual storytelling to new heights. Some notable examples include:


  • The Mandalorian” (2019-present): This groundbreaking series from the Star Wars universe extensively uses the LED Volume Wall to create stunning intergalactic landscapes and immersive environments.


  • Black Panther” (2018): The LED Volume Wall was employed to construct Wakanda, the fictional African nation. This technology contributed to the film’s vibrant and otherworldly setting.


  • Jungle Cruise” (2021): This adventure film starring Dwayne Johnson employed the LED Volume Wall to bring exotic locations to life, enhancing the sense of exploration and danger.


Produce Your Movie With Boiling Point Media

The LED Volume Wall has redefined the possibilities of filmmaking, providing directors and cinematographers with an innovative tool to create visually stunning and immersive worlds. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see this revolutionary technology integrated into more productions, captivating audiences with its awe-inspiring capabilities.


Looking to produce a film with an LED Volume Wall? Our LED Volume Wall is just one of the VFX & post-production film services we provide for filmmakers. Our film studio in Oklahoma City is fully equipped to produce your film from assistance with script writing, pre-production, filming, and post-production services including VFX, editing, and film coloring. We are even certified in virtual production and the use of Unreal Engine to create amazing environments. Visit our website for more information or give us a call and speak with our Emmy Award winning director. We look forward to making your film idea a reality!


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