When a making a film, post production is a crucial part of the filmmaking process that makes the final movie product.


As you can assume, the filmmaking process is a long, complex one that requires diligent decisions from start to finish. After the filming is over, post-production comes into play. Post-production for a film project is a more critical point of the filmmaking process as it is one of the final steps done to a film before it is ready for release. Post-production requires a trustworthy team who is on the same page for all aspects of the project.

When a making a film, post production is a crucial part of the filmmaking process that makes the final movie product.
Post Production Services in filmmaking include film editing, film coloring, & the additional of visual effects.


Post-Production in filmmaking is any work that’s done on a film after it has been filmed. These services in the filmmaking process are crucial as these final steps are what holds a film project together. Post-production is where your message and goals come together as well as combining all of the creative elements of a film including, but not limited to, editing, visual effects, coloring, tracking, lighting, and rendering. We use all of these tools and more to ensure your film successfully connects with the audience. The size of your project will determine how long the post-production process will take. This process typically takes anywhere from a month to an entire year.

Adding VFX and animations to movies are done in the post production phase of a film & requires a specialized team.


We are a full service post-production company based in Oklahoma City. We provide support in all areas of film production including concept development, producing, directing, writing, providing equipment, crewing, production management as well as post-production services such as film editing, film coloring, match moving, lighting, animation, VFX, support, and more.

For 15 years and rolling, Boiling Point Media has been providing the Sooner State with the most trusted and reliable post-production services. We have done post-production services for multiple companies that includes creating films, music videos, commercials, video projects on small and large scales, as well as episodic broadcast content. We have the state-of-the-art equipment and production experience to get the job done right!

Adding VFX and animations to movies are done in the post production phase of a film & requires a specialized team.
The Film and Post production team at Boiling Point Media are highly skilled in filmmaking including post production.


Boiling Point Media has over a decade of experience in the film industry and have produced many films including Jurassic Pet (1 & 2), The Adventures Of Rufus The Fantastic Pet, C.I.Ape, and our newest film, Dinosaur World. Our post-production team aims to create compelling, effective film projects. Our editors, digital artists, audio engineers, producers, and writers know how to get the job done on time and within your budget. Our team of professionals consistently deliver high quality film projects that leave our clients in awe from our experience, creativity, and connectability. We use innovative, creative solutions and our work ethic aligns with our passion for creating successful projects. We are focused on cultivating an environment with a growth mindset for both our clients and employees.

Boiling Point Media post-production team members include:

  • Director/Producer
  • Editor
  • Cinematographer
  • Music Composer/Sound designer
  • VFX supervisor
  • Colorist

What you can Expect With Our Post-Production Services

Boiling Point Media post-production services include a variety of post-film visual effects, film editing, and color correction. Click on one of the categories below to learn more about what our specific services entail.

Film Editing

From editing raw footage to our complete post-production editing services, you’re guaranteed the full film editing process.

Visual Effects

Our visual effects services can bring anything you can imagine to life with appropriate lighting, rendering, compositing, and other visual effects services.

Film Coloring

Film color grading and correcting is a crucial part of any film production in order to have a film that is connected all throughout via color.

Still Have Questions? No Problem

Why is film post-production important?

Post-production is an essential part of the filmmaking process because this is when a true connection between the audience and the intended message is created. It is the key to blending sounds and images into something the audience can emotionally connect with.

What’s the most important part of film post-production?

The most important part of post-production is picture editing, primarily. Picture editing is our first step in the post-production process.

Who will we be working with on the post production our film?

When you choose Boiling Point Media for your post-production film services, you will have access to our knowledgeable, professional, and experienced crew. Check out our about us page to learn more.

How do I prepare for film post-production?

At Boiling Point Media, you can prepare for our film post-production services by:

  • Have a clear goal 
  • Provide all footage previously filmed
  • Share your ideas with us!

How much creative control will I have?

When you choose Boiling Point Media for your post-production services, it is a collaborative process.

What is your post-production process like?

Our post-production process is very thorough, containing numerous steps including:

  1. Picture Editing
  2. Creating Sound
  3. Scoring/Obtaining Music
  4. Sound Mixing
  5. Adding VFX
  6. Color Grading
  7. Creating Titles, Credits, and Graphics
  8. Preparing for Distribution

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