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There is a saying in the advertising world that “Content is king!” This is true because of the verbiage and images you use on your marketing messages will shape the perspective that your consumer has towards your company or brand. As informative and engaging content increases, the trustworthiness of your brand will also increase, earning you more business. This is where content marketing comes into play.

Content Marketing is the process of designing, creating, and promoting the messaging of your advertisement to your target audience. This includes all text and information on your website, social media posts, videos, blogs, programmatic display ads and press releases as well as offline media such as newspapers, magazines, and marketing collateral. Content is best when it combines facts, creativity, and new ideas.

Boiling Point Media will build your brand and page rankings by producing engaging content that explains your business values, relationships with your community and loyal customers, as well as the products and services you offer, in order to attract the right customers. The unique and captivating content from Boiling Point Media will be promoted specifically for your business so that consumers will know your brand as a good source of advice and entertainment.



Content marketing benefits your organization in many ways. A good content strategy will:

  • Increase of brand awareness, website traffic and lead conversions
  • Better SEO resulting in higher placement on the search engines
  • Creates the image of your company that you want your clients to see
  • Build trust with consumers which will lead to better reviews and more referrals
  • Increase in customer retention and likelihood of repeat sales
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Content marketing is a highly strategic approach to creating website information, videos, blogs, social media posts and more to drive consumer interest and desire into a business products and services.

Content marketing is important because it provides your audience with answers to their questions as well as shapes their mindset about your brand. Content marketing helps to establish trust with your customers while opening the lines of communication to make a purchase decision.

There are many forms and types of content marketing but all forms have one goal in mind, to get the consumer the information they need to make a purchase from you. Content marketing can include:

      1. Website information
      2. Blog posts
      3. Social media posts
      4. Video content
      5. Images and graphics
      6. Newsletters
      7. Educational articles
      8. Webinars
      9. E-books
      10. Reviews

A content marketing agency will create & execute a plan to distribute information related to your business, brand or products through engaging website content, blog posts, social media posts, videos, and more.  Goals will be established for your content marketing campaign that will lead to more website sales, increased website traffic, newsletter signups, and more.

Since the days of traditional marketing, content is king.  Content marketing has shown to be effective at converting searchers into buyers as well as retaining customers.  Especially compared to outbound marketing efforts