BPM Announces Sequel to Popular Family-Friendly Movie

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Film

Boiling Point Media has begun the filming of ‘The Adventures of Jurassic Pet: The Lost Secret.” This is the sequel to our film that was released in 2019, ‘The Adventures of Jurassic Pet.’ The film will be shot around the Oklahoma City metroplex in cities like El Reno, Arcadia, and at Boiling Point’s own green screen cyclorama in Oklahoma City. Shooting began December 27, 2021 and wraps up around January 23, 2022 (weather permitting) before the visual effects team at BPM takes over to work their magic!


Jurassic Pet: Chapter 1 – How did we do?

The first movie was found on the shelves of major retailers like Walmart and Target, made its debut on Disney XD, and played on streaming services in both the U.S. and Canada. We can only assume the second will follow suit to give its fans another adventure with Albert, our favorite dinosaur.


Upcoming Movie Sequel Synopsis

In the upcoming sequel, we focus more on Albert’s son, Junior. A secret is revealed between Wendy and her grandmother, Tadrina, that once a month after a full moon, a portal to the land of dinosaurs opens. Wendy’s family takes in an orphan child for the month who accidentally finds out about the secret portal and Junior becomes trapped in the human world until the portal opens once again. He becomes lost while he’s here and while the kids are on the hunt to find him, they find some nefarious activity going on the week before Christmas and it must be stopped!


What to Look Out For In The Sequel

During the filming of the first film, you might have seen our crew lugging around a giant go-kart with rocket launchers and other cool gadgets. So, keep your eyes peeled when you’re driving down the road, because Boiling Point’s original design of that insanely cool go-kart is getting an upgrade for the sequel with flying capabilities and you just might see it on the move!

Our very own Ryan Bellgardt will be receiving his tenth IMDb director credit from ‘The Adventures of Jurassic Pet: The Lost Secret’. From concept to completion, this is the third movie that Boiling Point has completed with Ace Entertainment, but it is the ninth film that our visual effects team has been a part of.


Why Film Movies & Sequels In Oklahoma?

Boiling Point Media has the largest film production crew in the state and, for the Jurassic Pet sequel specifically, 98% of the cast and crew are Oklahoma residents. Chris Hoyt had so much to say about what it’s like to work in the film industry in Oklahoma. “I can’t imagine making movies anywhere other than here. The dream of filmmaking is more attainable in this state with its knowledgeable crews, great actors, great locations, and the communities’ willingness to help. I know I wouldn’t have the opportunities that I have had anywhere else!”


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