Boiling Point is a full service Production House and Visual Effects Studio committed to creating iconic feature film, episodic television, music video and advertising clients. The Boiling Point team is made up of creative directors, VFX set supervisors, producers, and teams of 2D / 3D VFX artists and vendors.  Our film production company works with new and emerging talented actors, directors and producers and enables them to reach their production goals.

RYAN BELLGARDT – Virtual Production & VFX Supervisor

EMILY TAYLOR – President / COO


Starting out in media, Boiling Point Media began as an advertising agency focusing on commercial media advertisements for terrestrial TV and Radio in 2008. Creative Director and partner, Ryan Bellgardt, envisioned making more and began dabbling in special effects and filmmaking with Army of Frankenstiens which was released in 2013.

Upon a visit to the American Film Market (AFM), the film sold to a distributor and Boiling Point Films began. With an urge to add visual effects at a low cost, Ryan began to create creatures in VFX and started to build his team. Since 2012, the team has mastered high quality post production services, VFX and animation for films in the United States as well as internationally.


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