• Unreal Engine is a type of software used to create realistic digital environments, and is used in video games and even some recent movies.
  • This software is most popular among creatives because it provides artists authoring, rigging, retargeting, and runtime tools, all in the same place.
  • Boiling Point Media is a full service post production company that utilizes Unreal Engine in our projects.

Unreal Engine for filmmaking is a must try for those looking to attract, engage, and retain an audience in today’s fast paced world of entertainment. Unreal filmmaking allows filmmakers to immerse the viewer into real-time experiences using the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool. Unreal Filmmaking creates a platform for game developers and creators across the industry to develop next-generation 3D content. Unreal Filmmaking allows more creative freedom, environmental flexibility, and fidelity going into this technological generation leap. This advanced technology might sound a little confusing, so stick around to learn more about unreal engine environments, unreal engine movies, and more . Before we jump into the details of Unreal Filmmaking and all that it entails, make sure to follow Boiling Point Media on social media to stay up to date on all our exciting events. 

What is Unreal Filmmaking?

Unreal Engine is a software that is used to create realistic virtual environments in virtual productions. It is currently used mostly in video game productions but is slowly making a place in the filmmaking industry. Make no mistake about benefits when it comes to using Unreal Engine environment designs in movies, and other, bigger productions. Like we mentioned above, Unreal Engine environment design creates interactive experiences and immerses the viewer into virtual worlds. It is said to be “The most powerful real-time 3D creation tool.” Unreal Engine Filmmaking provides a new kind of freedom in the industry that brings immediate feedback and real-time filming to the world of virtual production. 

Creation of Unreal Engine Environments

Hopefully you have picked up on the fact that Unreal Engine for Filmmaking is highly respected because of its ability to create massively detailed worlds. With that being said, unreal engine environments are essentially worlds of geometric details–the system uses a geometry system and Virtual Shadow Maps

The Unreal Engine creators and adaptors explain the creation of unreal engine environments, “Directly import and replicate multi-million-polygon meshes while maintaining a real-time frame rate—even at 60 fps—without any noticeable loss of fidelity. These systems intelligently stream and process only the detail you can perceive, largely removing poly count and draw call constraints.”

Unreal Engine Movies

Chances are, you have seen (or at least have heard about) a movie made with Unreal Engine software. Below we have listed some of the more well-known movies made with Unreal Engine Software. If you know of any other movies made with Unreal Engine Software, then leave a comment in the comment section below! We appreciate your feedback.

Benefits of Unreal Filmmaking Software

Unreal filmmaking software is the number one artist-friendly filmmaking software of the 21st century. It provides artists authoring, rigging, retargeting, and runtime tools. The software is extremely beneficial to artists because it reduces iteration and eliminates round-tripping, the end result being a quick and efficient creative process. Unreal Engine for filmmaking is ever changing, providing updated and new unreal engine environments, tools, and other helpful assets that will test your creative limits. Truly expansive worlds can be created using unreal filmmaking software, providing a realistic experience for your players, participants, and everyone in between. 

Additional Unreal Engine Environment Software Benefits

Although unreal engine for filmmaking is currently, mainly known for its ability to produce intricate unreal engine environments, the software has other systems, benefits and capabilities which we have highlighted below.


  • Dynamic global illumination and reflections enables indirect lighting to change to direct lighting or even change to geometry. For example, changing the angle of the sun depending on the time of day vs. sunlight showing through an open door. When creating unreal engine environments, this is especially beneficial as it eliminates the need to have author lightmap UVs, as well as eliminating the need to wait for lightmaps to bake, and/or place reflection captures. What you see in the Unreal Engine Environment development editor, is what you get on a console.

Temporal Super Resolution

  • Temporal Super Resolution (TSR) is a high-quality upsampling system that is a built-in, independent platform. This system allows the unreal engine software to render at lower resolutions while providing a similar pixel fidelity output which goes into frames rendered at a higher resolution.

World Partition

  • World Partition is a system that automatically divides your world(s) into a grid system. It only streams necessary cells, and is most beneficial for collaboration teams. Teams are able to work in the same region of the same world, at the same time with this system.

Characters and animation in context

  • The Unreal Engine Environment software has built-in artist friendly animation authoring tools which let you create quicker and more efficiently. You are able to quickly create rigs using the Control Rig, and are able to position and pose your animated characters. 


  • Unreal Engine Environments are constantly evolving, updating, and expanding. With unreal filmmaking, you can always expect advanced and modern built-in modeling tool sets that include mesh editing, geometry scripting, UV creation, and even baking and mesh attributes.

Meta Sounds

  • Meta Sounds, aka procedural audio design is a high performing audio system. It allows you to manage all aspects of your project’s audio rendering in order for it to drive next-generation audio experiences.

Unreal Engine For Filmmaking at Boiling Point Media

This advanced technology isn’t just for those living in LA, though. Boiling Point Media uses unreal engine software along with our LED volume wall to bring your vision to life. Oklahoma is on the rise for the filmmaking industry, and Boiling Point Media should be your first stop. Boiling Point Media has been at the top of our game when it comes to successfully creating and producing films in Oklahoma City. 

Make sure to visit our website to see all the new and upcoming films we are producing as well as to see our adorable characters. Boiling Point Media is a full-service post production, visual effects, and full virtual production studio, and we would love to work with you. If you are interested in how to use our unreal engine for filmmaking, then send us an email, chat with us online, stop by in person, or give us a call. We look forward to helping you and your business reach its boiling point.    






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