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Ever feel like you are not getting the most advertising for the dollar from your media rep? Chances are that if you are not using a marketing agency to purchase your media, you are either paying too much or you are not getting as many placements as you should (and sometimes, it’s both). Having an agency for media buying can help you get the most amount of advertising for your money.

Media buying is simply the process of negotiating with a media producer for advertising space and the amount of money spent for that space. Although this sounds easy enough, there are many factors that go into the purchase price of advertising. Some of these factors include the size of the media buy, relationship with the media company, and timing. This can be tricky to manage while you are running the other parts of your company.

Boiling Point Media has over eleven years of experience in media buying across many different traditional and digital media platforms, especially in television and radio . We build advertising solutions for our clients that are designed to best reach their target audience. These plans are developed to determine the length and combination of commercial spots, the markets and timing for advertising, the networks and programs that fit your audience and the frequency, as well as reach and target rating points (TRP) requirements. Our experience allows us to purchase advertising space for our clients in order to reach a large number of targeted people at reduced costs.


Our Oklahoma advertising agency will ensure our clients’ media purchases are tailored to their specific goals and budget. We work to provide our clients with the most reach, frequency, and exposure at a minimum cost. Some of the services that Boiling Point Media will provide include:

  • Customized schedules based upon client needs and goals
  • Open line of communication with media buyer
  • Media strategies that include a variety of industries
  • Television, radio, internet and print ad purchases
  • Networks and programs that fit your target audiences
  • Media buys that meet strategy guidelines
  • Transparency in all interactions and purchases
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Media buying is simply the purchase of advertising from a media company or marketing agency. The process entails the negotiation of price and for the placement of ads, as well as research into the best new venues for ad placement.

The media buying process begins with researching the marketing mediums where your target market will actually see your ad. Once the marketing mediums have been determined, then purchasing the most effective placements on those mediums can commence. Always choose placements based upon when and where your target audience will be viewing the medium. When this is determined, then the ad creation process can start.

Media buying is important because this is how your ads will get served to your audience. Knowing how to buy media will lead to your advertisement being shown to more people for less money

A media buyer is responsible for the placements and the negotiation of price for all advertisements on radio, television, print and digital. A good media buyer will be able to purchase advertising placements for less than most people. This ability will help to increase your ROI on a given advertising campaign.

    1. Customized schedules based upon your needs and goals
    2. Open line of communication with the media buyer
    3. Media strategies that include a variety of industries & mediums
    4. Digital media and traditional media purchases
    5. Networks and programming that reaches your target audiences
    6. Media buys that adhere to the preset strategy
    7. Transparency in all interactions, purchases & reporting