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why voicemail marketing?

How many times have you left a voicemail and never got a call back? If you are in sales, that number is countless. Yet, when voicemails are responded to, the success rate of getting a sale goes way up. Your sales campaign begins the moment a phone call goes out to a potential client. By setting up a voicemail marketing strategy, you can turn some of those missed conversations into revenue for the company.

Voicemail marketing or ringless voicemail marketing is a relatively new but nonetheless powerful marketing strategy. The goal is to leave a strategic voice message or a pre-recorded message directly to your customers’ or prospective customers’ phone that compels them to call back. This message can even be delivered without either party picking up the phone! Since you are reaching out to the customer anyway, a well crafted (or scripted) voice message is an excellent way to deliver your marketing message.

At our Oklahoma headquarters, Boiling Point Media will work with your company to create a voicemail marketing concept and strategy that will convert more potential customers into actual customers. Our team of marketing experts & script writers will work with you to develop your customized voicemail strategy. Throughout your voicemail campaign, we use analytical and evaluation tools to ensure the marketing we setup is generating real results. This is one of the advertising agency services we provide as part of a complete marketing program.

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ringless voicemail marketing?

The greatest advantage to ringless voicemail marketing is the time you and your customer save. Instead of calling at an inconvenient time or waiting for your customer to answer, the customer is able to listen to your message at their own convenience. Another advantage of this type of marketing is quality control. Sending out a pre-recorded message removes a lot of variables from the call process and ensures that the message you want to send to your customers is the message they receive. Boiling Point Media’s VM services will include:

  • Comprehensive ringless voicemail strategy
  • Target market research and industry research
  • Quality recorded messages & scripts that accurately represent your brand
  • Creative script and audio production solutions
  • Sales promotion notifications
  • Voicemails for other activities (past due notices, employee notifications, appointment changes, & more)


Voicemail marketing is simply the strategic leaving of messages on a recipients voicemail to draw engagement and business

A good voicemail message is a message that gets the recipient to call you back.  There is a process to proper voicemail etiquette that will give you a better chance of having the recipient call you back.  Some of these factors include the length of time a voicemail message is, tone of the voice message, providing relevant information, and posing specific questions (not just follow up).

Experts agree that if you are going to call a prospect, you should leave a voicemail.  Studies have shown that representatives that do not leave a voicemail make fewer sales than representatives that do.

Although you want to sound as natural as possible when leaving a voice message, having a voicemail script has lots of advantages.  A script will allow you to formulate your message once and not several times on the fly.  The script will help keep your message to 20-30 seconds and a script is easier to read than to think about. Just like a cold-call script, a voicemail script will make you more effective and efficient.

The short answer is yes. By pre-recording your voicemail message, you only need to create a message once that you can playback to many people.  This allows you a moment before the next call to prepare while your pre-recorded message is playing. Make sure that the content of your pre-recorded message is worth listening to.