HealthCARE Express

Traditional Media


Search Engine Optimzation (SEO)

OTT/Connected TV

Paid Digital Campaigns

Traditional Media Buying

Digital media has become the new marketing industry for the past few years. However, many people still swear by traditional media buying, and plenty of success stories back it up. HealthCARE Express has one of those stories.

The health care provider came to Boiling Point looking to increase their brand awareness and client base throughout four states. We ran a series of ads on local TV stations on NBC, CBS, and Fox affiliates in addition to 22 additional channels.. The campaign targeted more than 550,000 impressions in nine major cities.

OTT/Connected TV

Our goal was to create effective placement of OTT and connected TV placement for optimal reach and brand awareness. Meet the “In your backyard” Campaign. OTT’s superior functionality allowed us to target a more significant audience than traditional TV.

We targeted neighborhoods within a 10-mile radius of HealthCARE Express locations across four states. Over 400,000 impressions were seen through strategically targeted messages to specific platforms, and we could see that 99% of the impressions were being shown to the targeted audience.

Together we built a loyal audience around a clear brand identity, resonating with customers on an emotional and self-expressive level, helping make HealthCARE Express a common name.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

HealthCARE Express came wanting an SEO goal of increased presence and visibility on internet searches. Our goal was to gain and maintain a first-page listing for a diverse set of keywords. Boiling Point Media created specific pages centered around health care, health care providers, and much more.

Extensive copy research helped create page content with user intent while feeding into recommended hyper-targeted meta titles and descriptions. We created a website that allowed users to read the information they wanted to review.

In 2022, the HealthCARE Express website successfully ranked within the top 3 listings on the first page for 234 keywords which was an increase of over 100 keywords ranking in this position. The total number of keywords the site ranked for increased by over 4,000 keywords! Boiling Point Media increased search engine visibility for HealthCARE Express by more than 36%.


Overall Visibility Increase

PPC Campaigns

HealthCARE Express struggled with the effectiveness of its Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies. Their visibility, reach, and expenses were not inline with industry averages nor their competitors. Our challenge was to create PPC campaigns that increased CTR, reached more qualified buyers, and brought down total costs.

The PPC campaigns were strategically targeted to reach both immediate ready-to-buy customers as well as consumers who needed specific services. Our PPC ads were designed to meet the current psychological mindset of the user who was doing the search to entice the user emotionally. These ads targeted the cities and states that HealthCARE Express operates in as well as built to the best practices of Google & Bing.

Since teaming up with Boiling Point Media, HealthCARE Express has seen results that far exceeded what they could have imagined. With these results –