Robotic Dog
VFX scene from The Adventures of Rufus The Fantastic Pet, Produced by Boiling Point Media
Dinosaur scene from Jurassic Games produced by Boiling Point Media


Since the inception of creating film and video, it has been the added effects that separated basic video from spectacular video. These effects became known as special effects and would be filmed during the live shooting of the video. Special effects needed to evolve as to incorporate seeming unimaginable things. Through the use of computer-generated images (CGI) and animation, more effects were available to be added to a video. These types of effects are now called visual effects (VFX). By adding the creative use of VFX to your video, you will make your video memorable to your audience.

VFX refers to the process of creating or manipulating images outside the context of live video shooting. This includes adding animated creatures or objects, creating unnatural environments, explosions, magical abilities, and much more. These effects are generally created in a specialized studio using advanced software and filming techniques. When done properly, the unreal will seem real.

At our Academy Award winning film and marketing agency in Oklahoma, we are VFX specialist. We encourage you to visit our film production page to see more of our VFX capabilities. Our production team will work with you to create a video, using inventive ways to build in CGI, that will delight your audience as well as generate the response you desire. It is the use of this type of technology that can put you ahead of your competition.



Since Émile Cohl made the first stick figures dance on the big screen, animation has captured our minds. Since 1908, we have watched animation bring wizards & dragons to life, assist business owners in creating better commercials, as well as create an entire industry of videos for children called “cartoons”. Creative artists keep finding ways to push the bounds of animation to the delight of audiences everywhere.

In film and video, animation is the process of which objects and figures are manipulated to show movement. This was originally accomplished by drawing or painting many different slides, individually photographing them, and speeding up the film. Today, most animation is created using computer software. Even with computer technology, creating animation requires a high degree of skill and time to make the animated image look real.

At Boiling Point Media, the most enjoyable projects we work on are the ones that involve bringing the unreal to life. Our Oklahoma animation studio is filled with some of the nation’s best animators as well as the latest CGI software. Please visit our film production page to see additional examples of our work. We look forward to working with you on your project

Animated Rufus from The Adventures of Rufus the Fantastic Pet
A.R.I. Flying in the sky
Animated Baby Dinosaur from the movie, Jurassic Pet, produced by Boiling Point Media


VFX stands for Visual Effects. This includes all images that are created or manipulated not included during live filming. 

Yes. Special effects are effects that are produced during live filming. VFX are images and effects that are produced after the video has been filmed.

Animation are the techniques that are used to give an object motion. This was originally accomplished by drawing the scenes out of individual slides to be photographed and sped up on the final film. Today, most animation is created using computer software.

Although they work together, animation is different from VFX. Animation refers to the process to bring motion to an object. There can be many different animations in a video. VFX refers to the total use of animation, CGI, and other images within a video.

There are three main categories of VFX types. These include:

  • Compositing - This is the combination of visual elements, from separate origins, as to make the elements appear to be in the same place. Compositing is sometimes referred to as Chroma Keying.
  • CGI - short for computer-generated imagery, is the creation of 2D & 3D graphics to be inserted into a video. This is a term for most graphics that you see in any video.
  • Motion Capture - This high-tech form of VFX involves capturing an actors movements and placing them into a 3D model to allow for manipulation and animation. This process is sometimes referred to as mocap.